March 3rd- New Life, Gaming and longterm friends

The sun is peeking up earlier each day, and its pouring in warmth into my big living room, yesterday, we had to move everything around to make room for huge sets of four level double wide shelving, those who know me and my pantry will understand why I did a Sigh! when were able to move several hundred empty jars in box’s and haul up two sets of my pantry shelving into my redone living room..

Its a trade off, growing and starting seeds now will help work to refill those jars over the summer, my spinach is growing well, my green onions are already regrowing after cutting them, and I am thrilled to see that my sage is up, I planted three seeds in that pot and two are up, nice!

Breakfast was Tea/honey with my regular dippy eggs and fried leftover beef slices, it was a hearty breakfast, hubby did his first but normal work breakfast and lunch, this includes scrambed eggs, canned fruit, baked cake (typically hearty with oats, fruits or nuts) and homemade soaps or stews.

lunch was veggie rice soup and water..

Supper was fried Beef Bacon, Onion, Carrot and purple cabbage with just a touch of butter, and pepper, it was awesome to get a big bowl of just done with crunch veggies, that’s for sure..

Planted out 72 cell pots of leeks, and 24 more pots of different herbs seeds, otherwise the day went just fine, made a nice canned fruit cake, and a quick bread for Hubby’s lunch’s.

The evening flew by, it was gaming night, I was trying to do the math on that, I figure I have gamed off and on with some of those folks for 14 years now..  🙂 Listening to them tease my man about being the “old guy” was a hoot, as was his dry witted sharp tongued replies.

Had another new lamb born, down to just two ewe’s to go now, and a host of sweet wee boppers!

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3 Responses to March 3rd- New Life, Gaming and longterm friends

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Moving all your jars around? Now THAT’S a mind-boggling proposition! (But it just feels so GOOD to get those seedlings going though, doesn’t it?: )
    Spring is coming. Spring is coming!!:D

    • Thankfully the jars are in box’s so its a matter of moving the box, not the jars, so its much faster then it sounds 🙂 but yes, spring is coming.. yesterday I went out and it was so cold, bitter cold, but today is to be colder but it does not feel it, I was like.. wow, this is not bad at the moment.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Yup! You can definitely feel the change in the sun lately; even if it is still cold enough to freeze the… (Well, you get my drift, right?; )

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