Rendering Lard and Tallow

2013-01-01 1309 (450x600)

Frozen fat, big rolls of fat, Thaw just enough to move it around but ideally cut it or grind it while its still mostly frozen for ease

2013-01-01 1310 (600x450)

It always amazes me just how little fat you get, there is this myth that there is lot and lots of fat, but the truth is by the time you use the needed fat to be ground back into the ground meat, the amount left over seems like a lot because it fills the bags and weight’s nice and heavy in those bags but its not all fat..

2013-01-01 1311 (600x450)

By the time you render the lard or tallow out, you are left with lots of crackle and in this case six and half pounds of cleaned, strained o mile fat for house use, it was poured into pint jars and will be store in a cool dark place until use, (remember to use wide mouth jars for ease of access)

2013-01-01 1319 (450x600)

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