12 Letters in 12 Months -Feb Report

Well, I have been super proactive on the Jan letters, I not only got my two letters off to the Nieces, I got a letter sent to my mom with photo’s and a letter sent to my dad with photos as well..

2013-01-01 1210 (600x450)

Feb’s cards, photos and sticker books had where bright and colorful..

But that was not the only mail packages that were sent, you see we have been sending two to four photos per letter to the girls and so Dh came up with this great idea of sending them each a photo album and that way, they can put their photos in it and by the end of the year, they will have a album filled with photos of what we have been up to, maybe they will even consider putting a photo or two back into their letter back.

I have not got a letter back yet but their mom says they are coming and I am greatly looking forward to it, in truth, I would be happy just with a picture or a drawing in a card  🙂

2013-01-01 1246 (600x450)

they are getting a package sent out as well, they are getting their albums, their heart soaps and a little bag of goodies..

2013-01-01 1258 (600x450)

Hopefully it will be meet with smiles all around..

2013-01-01 1257 (450x600)

Added in a side note, a dear friend of mine D has asked to get into the letter writing, so she is being added to the roll call and I will be sending her both a card, letter and a few little gifts as well in the updates.

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