Taco Salad Recipe

Ok, I’m not even sure that this one needs a recipe its so simple but I am going to share it anyway, for those that can eat the wraps or the hard shelled taco’s, then go ahead and enjoy them, I know I do! but given that I am on low carbs, and that I am not to have fast carbs, only slow carbs, they just can’t be the same as before..

But that does not mean that you can’t enjoy a awesome plate of Taco supper, I took our pasture raised beef, it was super lean, and I didn’t add any extra fat to even cook it with, Fill your plate heaping with mixed greens, you need the different textures and tastes to really make this work, a single green will work but trust me.. mixed greens with some spicy, some peppery etc.

2013-01-01 903 (600x450)

Put a good amount of spiced meat on it, don’t skimp on the meat, you should have enough that you get a bit if you want it on each bite, but don’t spread it out right away as the heat from the meat will wilt the greens, so pile it up in the middle 🙂

A couple spoons of chunky salsa (as mild or as hot as you like it) and a big old spoon of sour cream on top, and bing, bang boom, you have all the awesome flavours of a Taco but in a salad, now if you must have crunch, take a washed, sliced into tiny bits of a celery stick so you will get bits of crunch in the salad, or if you want a little carbs, you can add multi grain or baked corn chips

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1 Response to Taco Salad Recipe

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh yeah, one of my all time favourites!
    What is it about this combination of tastes and textures that just seem to be a perfect balance in SO many ways: )

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