Saturday Health and Weight update

A fine Saturday to you, I didn’t plan on making this post a Saturday post, but as that was the start of my weigh-ins, I guess that its become the day 🙂

I was truly hoping when I stepped on the scale this morning, that I would have cracked down into the 40’s even by a hair but nope, I am using the last two numbers, so last Saturday, I was 54.6 and today I was an even 50, so I am down 4.6 pounds, I would have liked a bit more this week but it’s also the same week as that friend comes, so I am “hoping” that will be reflected in the scale over the next few days.

My first goal for losing is 24 pounds and the fast I can make that happen, the better it will be, I am not being stupid about it but I am not going for 1 or 2 pounds a week, I want to take that 25 pounds off as fast as can be done in a healthy way and then I will work on the next goal a bit slower if I need to.. ideally, I would like to have it done in six to eight weeks but I have given myself a full 12 to make it happen.

So while I certainly need to lose weight for just the sake of health and the sake of being able to do things, as well as the fact that I gained close to 15 pounds on my holiday (sigh!) I am currently on a pretty tightly controlled fertility diet, it’s a 3 month program to start with and let me tell ya, it’s going to be a tough one in some ways and not so bad in others.

The good news is that it focus’ on simple home prepared meals with whole food (which works with my personal goals of food from the farm, o mile food and hundred mile food shed).

One of the good things is that it’s not a diet in the sense of, buy our food, or eat this or that so many times per week, or have half a cup of this or that for lunch plus salad, its a lot more tailored then that and its also does not give you recipes, it instead gives me percent’s, and rules..

Examples, 30 percent protein, 20 percent slow carbs, and 50 percent veggies and fruit is my main plan for my body type.  I am to favor, simple home cooked meals with lots of soups an stews, not a lot of cold foods, or drinks or veggies, for me, its recommended that I drink hot drinks, warm cooked veggies and even stewed fruits, I am willing to do so to a point.

No carbs without protein to go with.

The one that is ah! is no caffeine, no coffee, no tea, no chocolate, and of course limit white sugars as much as possible, I am allowed to replace within reason with raw local honey

I am also starting other fertility treatments to help with this, so we will see how it goes..

For a full tracking and my personal musings and at times rants and maybe even wheepish posts on this subject, you can find it in detail on

This week has been about adjustments but I am very proud of myself, I have had a perfect week, I have not cheated once, and unlike other times, where I have always given myself a day off or a meal off per week, that is not the case with this one.. its end goal is just to important!


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4 Responses to Saturday Health and Weight update

  1. Glo says:

    Go Brandy! All it takes is determination! I lost 65 pounds in six months and I have kept it off going on 12 years now. You CAN do it! Bty, I usually don’t leave a comment because I’m reading via email but know that I am always rooting for you!

    • Thanks Glo, it means a lot to me that you took the time to comment, and I am glad to know that you enjoy the blog and the posts 🙂

      that is great to hear that you were successful!, its so good to hear from someone that did it and has kept it off!

  2. Lake Lili says:

    A long time ago I remember reading a Cathy cartoon wherein she dreamed of the glorious peak of the 20s but found herself ever trudging through the 40s. I am about 5 more than you so those glorious peaks are a ways off but we’ll get there.

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