A new Month, a new challange.. The getter done Challange :) Rabbit Recipe

Given the wide view of things that folks asked for, that’s the best name I could come up with, the getter done challenge for the month of Nov.. Its a mixed up thing that’s for sure, but I have a list, and a plan sort of 🙂

Today’s recipe is one I have done but never taken a photo of, I promise to add one to the post, the next time I make a version of this , its a single cast iron pot recipe, I love those, it can be done over a fire but I do mine part on the stove and part in the oven.

Take two rabbit saddles for a total of four, (also this can be done with two nice big duck breasts cut in two lengthwise), you will need some lard for your cast iron pan, I recommend lard for the higher smoke temp but you could use coconut oil if preferred

1 large onion, 2 cloves of garlic, a small package of mushrooms (whatever kind you like but darker fuller flavour mushrooms work best) a fourth of a cup of nice red wine, a pint jar or a 14 oz can of pre-cooked white navy beans, at least three cups of diced greens, 2 and half  be it spinach, a spicy salad mix or horseradish greens, or a mustard green or even green cabbage, 2 and half cups of hard cider or apple juice, Salt, pepper.

Heat your cast iron to med heat with your fat, once well heated, sear your meat on both sides, about three to five min, take out, and allow to mellow,  then add your onion, garlic, mushrooms, cook till clear and softened, add your wine, and do a in pan deglaze, then add your beans, greens and cider, cover and simmer for around 30 min, check at the 20 min mark to see if you need a bit more liquid.

At the twenty min mark, slice your saddles into bite size pieces and slip them back into the mix, finish cooking for the last min and they will be heated though, serve in a bowl with a fresh bun, roll or baking powder to sop up the last bits of that amazing sauce.


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