Sam’s Tack has arrived

There was a card at the mail box, and a custums bill due, even so I was super excited yesterday to have arranged to get the van and be able to pickup samwells new gear, still have his crooked stirrups and his bit coming from irivines by mail yet, but we have both to make do till they arrive.

yes, I need and did shift the saddle after I took the picture, I was just working on putting the saddle on for the first time.

2013-01-01 864 (600x450)

2013-01-01 865 (600x450)

Here is a better close up on his special saddle blanket that is done to help the saddle fit proper with his steeper shoulders, its different, while I tacked him up, as of yet the saddle has not been ridden yet, it sure is a heavy one, leather compared to my non-leather. We are going riding this weekend, I am not sure who is riding who yet, but the saddle will end up on whoever DH is riding, there is a inch difference in seat, mine is a 18 and this one is a 17 inch.

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