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It was pointed out to me that I had not posted a update on Brandy, and I think that is because she is pretty much a pasture pet for the past little while, I have been crazy busy on different things and so we went from daily training sessions (ground and agility) to three times a week, I have not been riding and we have not been out using her on the cart, the wagon or the ditch digger.. as odd as it seems we did more in the winter then we are right now.. that is SO, So wrong..

But its also life, we have a couple long weekends coming up and I am going to get her saddled up and ridden even if its just by DH, and or harnessed up even if its to hitch her to the cart and go for a bit

I would love to say that I plan on riding her but not until my mounting leg heals a bit more that’s for dang sure.

Now to be fair to Brandy, she does meet and greet us at the gate, follow us around the yards and pastures and barn like a big horse dog.. if you are outside, brandy is sure to be there, and we do the basic’s but none of the extra’s.

I should feel bad about this but the truth is, Brandy is having her needs meet, not just in the sense of food/water/shade/barn/pasture but also in the fact that she interacts with her people at least a dozen plus times a day, she is still groomed and sprayed down daily, even gimpy, I made sure of that..

So while I certainly am not reaching, we are steady as she goes, in a happy way.. Just to see her and hear that soft nicker, even on my worst day, she raises my mood in a good way..

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2 Responses to Brandy

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Don’t beat yourself up over it Farmgal. You, DH, and Brandy have a good symbiotic relationship….

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    She knows you’re not well and will be there when you’re able.

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