Two wheel cart for the Draft Animals

As you know, I have the buggy but its much to fine for farm work, so I was thrilled to get my hands on this wonderful two wheel cart.  it can be used as a hauler, a stone boat. and or I am going to see if there is a way to attach a old school bus seat to it (but would need to come off and on) and a hitch so I can pull things behind it. I am going to consider painting it as well.

2012-12-24 338 (500x375)

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5 Responses to Two wheel cart for the Draft Animals

  1. That’s a real handy find! We’re hoping to find a cart or build one for ourselves. That will save you a lot of hauling by hand.

    • Thanks Mrs T

      Love all the news on your blog! you guys are so busy, that is just wonderful! adore your new pond and simply smashingly good news about the springs!

      I really am pleased about the cart, it will prove to be quite useful!

      • I was thinking of you when I bought my guineas. Are you free ranging yours? I want to, but I’ve heard that they may take off and not come back. Our babies are currently confined in a rabbit cage in our chicken coop. When they’re old enough, we plan to keep them in the chicken run for awhile. Will that be enough to imprint their little brains that this is “home”? I’d love to hear how your guinea fowl are doing.

      • Hi Mrs. T

        A review and info on how the guinea fowl will be planned and coming up, because your babies are being raised at your farm, they will be attached to your homestead, mine where the flight risk because I got them as adults, and it took me six weeks to two months to get them truly settled but they consider the farm theirs now. Like all my birds, they are part time free range and part time pen time.. I never let any of my birds free range until well after dawn as the eggs are layed in the box’s and they are put back about an hour or two before dusk, as the most active hunting occurs at dawn and dusk.

  2. Kodi says:

    Yes, do paint it! So fun, and it will last longer, too.

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