Pork Liver with Peppers and Greens

When I butchered out my last Large Black Gilt, I was so pleased to see that she had a lovely perfect looking liver, no signs of worms or ill health, but wow was it big considering her size, I cut it into parts and froze then on a tray and then double bagged them for the feezer so that I could take out meal size portions of liver (dH is not found on liver at all) so that leaves it pretty much on my plate.

I wanted liver for breakfast this morning but I wanted it both well fried, but bursting with freshness and this came close.. its as easy as it gets, its liver, green pepper and salad greens, I got not just one but two heads of big iceburg lettice in my green box’s, otherwise, this would have been wild yard greens or microgreens.

I put a little lard in the pan on med heat and cooked the liver till well seared, flipped and added in the green pepper cubes, cooked till the liver was no longer pink inside but was till juicy, its a very, very fine line, watch it carefully or cook it the way you like to.. my mom wants it dry and dead, and others like it to still be pink.. me, I want it right on that line.. I did a light bit of salt on them and that was it.. but you can spice it up if you want to..

Serve on the bed of greens and chow down, the combo of the hot crunchy liver bits with the warm but still crunchy pepper with the sweet lettice..  It was yum, yum.. Clearly you will need to double or triple the amounts depending on the amount of people eating, I made a single person dish..

2012-12-24 215 (500x375)


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