Getting Personal – The lump

I most likely would not have written about this if I had not seen Angelina talking about her surgery’s, I know, I know, everyone comes down hard on both sides of this issue, but the bottom line is, it was her life and her choice, and I am glad she came forward on it.

Ok so you need a little history on this subject (and yes to my male readers we are going to be talking about breast health.) I am a regular home checker and have never had a issue but it also means that I know what “normal” feels like..

I am also getting older, I am 40 this year, about six weeks ago, I had a soreness in my right armpit, it was like I had worked it to hard, and it bothered me, a lot.. it was not typical, and anything that is not typical, I take notice off, I didn’t have redness, or a lump or heat, or swelling, just a dull ache.. I was careful at checking my armpit, down and my breast for any signs of issues, and none were found..

Heat helped the ache and massage helped and I started a herbal, exercise and lost some more weight to work and flush out the lymph glands in that area and felt much, much better for it, so you can imagine my look of mild (ok, maybe more like moderate at that moment panic) when I found a small lump on the matching side of my right breast last week.. it had not been there on the last check and it was clearly there now..

Dh checked it and did what any self respecting hubby would do.. get thy to the doctor with a worried look on his face.. I did what most women who are in fact in touch with their bodies, have a grasp on hormones and do regular self-checkups would do.. which is nothing till I had time to think about it..

I increased my fresh nettle tea, I was even more careful on taking and eating my foods and drinks to help flush my system, I looked at the fact that I had a real allergy attack not that long ago and I started doing a healing salve rub and massage on the area four times a day.

Now I  would like to point out one more thing, this was a smooth rounded lump and I felt and still feel that it was a duct based on feel and placement, if it had been a rough, or uneven lump, I would have had a lot more concern on it.

Needless to say I wanted a full check today with hubby doing the second check on it, and I am thrilled to say that both of us are in agreement that its down by half or more already in size and we will continue to treat it and watch very carefully.

I expect that within another week or four, that we won’t be able to find it at all.. which is what I am hoping for..

I will make a note of this and report for my medical, and please don’t get me wrong on the above, if I needed to go to medical care, I would do so, if I needed it checked, I would do so and if I needed surgery, I would do so..

Those of us lucky enough to live in Canada do have a good health care system, not as good in some ways as we would like it but compared to billions, we are among the lucky and I know it..

Everyone of us needs to find that mix, that spot, where they take a active and healthy role in their own health care and at the same time, know when its wise to step back and let those with more skills, knowledge and equipment help them..

Bottom line for me, lump- bad, worried- yes, careful care-yes, being proactive-yes, not jumping the gun-yes, willing to take it to the next level if needed.. you bet I am.

So here is my thought of the day.. everyone learn a little more about your own health this week, read up on the basic of home self checks and if you are not already doing them, please consider doing so.. once you know what is normal, it will allow to you to catch things at a early stage, and please, please if in doubt, as dear hubby says.. get thy to the doctor and have it checked there.


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6 Responses to Getting Personal – The lump

  1. April says:

    Can you share the salve you have been using? Also, do you ever share your soap recipes or your source?

    • Yes, I will share the salve, you could use the one I posted already on in being a healing salve, plaintain, nettles and wild violets flowers and leaves are a great combo, but the main salve I have been using is the Violet flowers/leafs salve.. so follow the same directions as the healing salve but make it all the violet leaves and flowers, ideally about 3/4th leaves and 1/4th flowers, give or take what would happen on a natural plant in that way.

      I am also making and drinking a min of half a gallon of nettle tea each day to feed and flush my system, I mix it up as well, sometimes adding in burdock root, sometimes adding in fresh blackberry leaves or fresh raspberry leaves or fresh mints or violets but the base is always the nettles.

      As for the soap recipes, I have posted one on the blog to date and I am more then willing to share others, just let me know which ones you want and I will share, they are very basic recipes, and I almost always use lard, my source?? do you mean where I get most of my soaping supplies?

  2. grammomsblog says:

    Thanks for the reminder for everyone to do the Breast self-examination weekly.

  3. April says:

    Thanks, I meant the source of your soap recipes if you were getting them from someplace. We make goats milk, oat, and honey and a shampoo bar, but we have not been very creative. We have also tried tallow. I would really like a nice cleaning bar for the house. Any suggestions? Thanks for the feedback on the salve. I am going to have to look for wild violets. Not something I have noticed before.

    • Ah, soap recipes, well I do have a basic soap making book that covers how things are done, but the recipes, I just use this program and play with it and make my own..

      As for a cleaning bar, I would go at least 50% lard for hardness, and if its just for cleaning, most likely either full lard or the rest in olive oil, as you don’t much care about lather or richness etc, it all about getting the job done..

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