Sheep Milk Soap

After waiting for six weeks for this soap to cure, I finally got to try my soap this morning.. love it.. a truly pure soap, no scent, no color, no extra’s, just Sheep Milk, Fats and lye.. and six weeks curing time.. I like my colored soaps, I like my pretty soaps but there is something just wonderful about such a pure soap!

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 108 001 (500x375)


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3 Responses to Sheep Milk Soap

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hey FG, Happy Easter to you and DH too!
    For someone like me with sensitive, dry-in-the-winter skin, I need to be REALLY careful about what I use – especially on my face. So, I don’t know what your skin is like (or how hard your water is) but how did your soap work? Is it gentle? You’d also mentioned making some Baby Soap. What makes it different (and how different is it) from regular soap?

    • Hi Deb

      It would depend, my regular recipe might not work for you, Given your very sensitive skin, If I was going to make you homemade soap, I would for sure superfat your recipe, as I am never perfectly sure how much fat is going to be in my sheep milk, I tend to go at the line, and so far, its been fine but if I was making it for someone else, I would for sure make things just a bit more superfatted to be safe.

      It is very gentle going on, it leaves a soft skin feeling but it also not as soft as many store bought soaps would be, my mom loves her dove, which is not even really considered soap given how much moisture cream is in no, I can’t do do something like that.

      My water is hardish, it leaves iron stains..

      yes, I made a batch of baby soap, the difference is the oils and how much superfatting was done on it.. (soaping as you know is basicly a chemical reaction between fats and lye and superfatting means that you are choosing to make sure there is more fat then the lye can use by just a margin) the type of fats or the percents of types of fat make the other huge difference..

      Some fats will give you a very hard soap, some will clean but not lather, others will increase the feel of silky, increase the lather and so forth..

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