Final Count-Beef

So the beef was picked up today and counted out..

  • Stew Meat- 13 packages- 2 pd packages
  • Hamburger -79 Packages- 1 pds average packages
  • Steak- Filet-6 – Sirlion-4 -Round-6 Rib Steaks-22, Minute-14 T-bone-36- Sirlion Tip-20 (total steaks, each steak is big enough that it would provide the correct palm size peice of meat for both of us per meal)- 114
  • Roasts- CrossRib-4 Sirlion Tip- 4 Rump Roast-3 Short Rib Roast -4 Blade Roast-6 (each roast is on average 6 pds)
  • Brisket- 4 large precut ones for curing into cornbeef
  • Beef Belly for Beef Bacon
  • Bones- All leftover bones, pre-cut into soup bones sizes
  • Organs-Heart, Liver, Kidney, Tongue and cut up and ready to use ox tail.

You know we had to try some for a late lunch.. cooked up two steaks, and then poured some rich sheep milk into the pan to deglaze and simmer it down to pour over the steaks.. heavenly, more beefy then I thought it would be given his age, but very lean meat, not alot of marbling but tender none the less, consider this was cooked from frozen state, remarkably tender, can’t imagine how tender it would be done correctly..

2012-12-24 2012-12-24 044 001 (500x375)

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