Just having some fun in the pasture tonight..Horse’n Round..

Tonight, I took out a tarp, jacket, blanket, feed bag, rope, and a pilon cone.. As you can see we had lot of fun with proofing/bagging tonight..

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3 Responses to Just having some fun in the pasture tonight..Horse’n Round..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Okay, so my ignorance is showing; but guessing you’re training for familiarity with carrying weird loads and just getting her used to different experiences/scenarios? (Looks like she’s a fairly trusting soul: )

    • While they all look adoreable, yes each one had its own challange..

      the tarp is all flappy and crinckly, which can be spooky, I had her smell it, and then because she was good with it, then I rubbed her with it all over, still good, then I gently flapped it at her, then I started throwing it over her until you got to the picture point..

      the blanket was the same, I repeat the process above but added in walked around with it and doing rear and front crossovers and backs into the deal, by the time if got up and over her head like that, she had to trust me a) enough to have it there and b) to lead her where I wanted to go, in a way blind faith in her lead mare (me)

      The cone was different, it was just something new to smell, play with to begin with, and then I used it to proof on her stand.. given that I am heavier, its really important to me that when I tell her to stand, she is rock solid on it, need that stand for when she is in draft, as well as under saddle and even for feet work etc The perk of the pilon is that if she is doing what she is asked to do, stand, it does not move, if she does move, so does it..

      Overall, yes its all about trust and proofing and creating things that could spook her but she learns to trust me that I won’t hurt her or put her in a postion to get hurt..

      • so I guess its important that it was all baby steps in creating each of those end photos, and if at any point, she was upset or worried or spooked, we would have stopped and worked it though, slowly and at the speed she needed, I would not recommend just walking out and throwing a tarp over a horse to get that photo without putting in your time and taking it one baby step at a time, making sure that the horse is calm about it..

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