Fall potato crop – Bacon Potato Soup

Well, I have 50 pds of potato’s that need to be processed and I am truly unsure what I want to do with them.. can them, dried them and if so in what form, mashed and then crushed into instant, sliced thin to make homemade scallop potato, small tiny dried cubes to be used in soups or stews later in the season? Or should I be looking at making a number of small personal sized bags of homemade french fries or what about hashbrowns? or Potato patties.

Hmmm, so many choices, how to decide… I am leaning towards filling up my nine trays with sliced for drying, and then I think I will make some homemade breakfast hashbrowns, and then I am going to grate a full set of trays for drying for soups and stews

After that, I guess it will depend on what is left to work with, but I am thinking a big old rich bacon potato chowder soup sounds about perfect for this cool and rainy day..

Bacon Potato Chowder Soup..

1 pd of Bacon – sliced into small peices and fried up, drain the most of the fat off

2 large onions- peeled and diced, cook till soft in the remaining bacon fat

2 cloves of garlic-peeled and finely diced, cook with the onion

1 quart of chicken or veggie broth into the pot..

2 stocks of Celery-finely diced

3 large carrots- peeled and finely diced

6 large potato’s- peeled and finely diced

Cook at a slow simmer till the veggies are done and the potato’s are flaking/easy to mash, take your masher and give it a half mash to thicken up the soup, at this point, typically I would add a can of evap whole milk, and thicken up with corn starch but today, I think I am going to go a different route, I am going to finish the soup this way..

After mashing to thicken it up, I am going to serve into bowls and finish with a big spoon of rich thick homemade yogurt or you could use sour cream, with a bit of fresh chopped green onion, and then just mix it in..

Well, I had better stop writing about it and get on with it, here is hoping that the rain they say is coming will and that the possable high winds they are saying might come won’t do any major damage.

So what is one of your favorite dishes for fall rain days?

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7 Responses to Fall potato crop – Bacon Potato Soup

  1. bookmarked this – sounds wonderful – do you ever add cheddar cheese?

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Favourite dish for a day like today? A massive pot of Chili Con Carne. Like you, there are many things that aren’t quite good enough for the freezer/long term storage: too ripe or blemished tomatoes, onions that aren’t quite dormant, garlic that’s not as perfectly papery as it could be, sweet peppers with peep holes and jalapeños too tiny to process; they all went into the pot and made one kickass batch of Chili… meals for now (and later: ). Cheated and used canned black and Romano beans, but, if I were growing my own, the blems would’ve been added to the mix as well.
    The thing I like best about using fresh-from-the-garden produce is that you don’t need to peel the carrots or potatoes – their skin is so delicate it’s barely there; with less work/time spent (just wash and go) and, even better, vitamins intact!
    On the subject of saving time: stopped boiling any veggies; steaming is ‘way faster and again, leaves (more) vitamins intact: )

    • Well, given that all my boiled veggie water gets used on the hounds kibble, I figure they can use those fresh booster of vit/minerals.

      That sounds lovely as well..Three hours of steady rain and counting.. wonderful!

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        We had several inches last week and caught a couple of more on Tuesday. Water levels are starting to come back up, but there are a lot of things that went dormant early that’ll be a “wait and see” until next year.
        I just hope we get a “normal” winter… good snow cover and cold enough to push back/kill off interloping species and sickly animals.

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