March Challange 2012-Overview

Well, a year has come and gone between march challange 2011 and march challange 2012 and I have to admit that while I did better at keeping to the challange in 2011 (never cheating once) were as is in 2012, out of 93 meals and 62 snacks, we had five opps in terms of eating something at a meal that should not have been eaten.. I know… I know.. BAD farmgal!

Now that I have the owning up done, lets get to the meat of the challange, and that was that I was very succesful at filling in any and all blanks in the food storage and pantry that was found in 2011, the simple truth of the matter was there was no found gaps in 2012 in regards to anything that could be there..

I wanted some fresh things, like crunchy sweet-sour apples, but the truth was I had dried apples, chunky apple sauce and a ton of apple sauce in the house.  It was like this in over an over again, would like fresh peppers, but have jars of dried peppers or bags of frozen peppers in the house, or jars of salsa.

Meat was pretty much the same, canned, dried, or frozen, or fresh if you were willing to butcher to get it.. and there was done of things to make many, many different dishes.. When it came to dried goods, rice, barley, oats, coucous and flours of different kinds all made their way to the cooking..

Having the farm to including the fresh things both from the barns and the yard with our unnatural mild weather, meant I was able to start bringing in new fresh greens, sprouting was also used for add crunch and flavour, and then throw in the dozens and dozen of eggs coming into the house and in no way! were we lacking.

The biggest thing I found in this challange was not that my pantry or my farm didn’t cover the basic’s it was that I got tired of never having a break from it..  I need to make more things that can be done up as “quick” meals, make and freeze a batch of buns just so there are there when needed, break out more pickles an or salsa for crunch in dishes, make and freeze some meat filled dumplings, make some pizza’s and get them in the freezer ready to go etc

While in the cold of winter, I love being able to reach for soups or stews in the spring or summer, I want different foods and sometimes I don’t want to make them always myself.. that was what I learned this march challange..

I love to cook, I think anyone that has read the blog for a while know’s I love to cook but sometimes everyone needs a  break.. and that is what I learned, I need to plan and make ahead break meals and I need to be just a touch more willing to call it a “you are on your own meal” now and again..

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3 Responses to March Challange 2012-Overview

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Wow, what an enviable position you’re in. I just wish I was(were?) still at the same stage of life…
    Good on ya FarmGal!

  2. queen of string says:

    They’re called “fend for yourself” meals in our house :-). The two go to’s here were always meatballs or sausage rolls ( bought). Now I have canned a bunch of meatballs and am planning to can a bunch of tomato sauces, they will be the super fast, omg is that the time, meal for me. I too need to get ahead with the baking. It’s a bit of a “just in time” supply chain at the moment. Ooh look we ran out of bread, best make some LOL. Not always at the most convenient moment either. There is pizza dough in the freezer and some of your lovely pie crust, but a couple of fully made up things would be good for us too.

    Like you, I love to cook, just not every day :-).

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