Garden Shopping for Dinner Tonight -Spring Greens Soup.

While we got a bit of a steady spitting cold rain this morning, I was able to get all the grape vines pruned out, and then after warming up, the afternoon was more in the main garden in regards to work, with a little hugelbeet work and some compost turning and watering.

Still time flew and I got the.. what for dinner..  I was thinking I would like a quick soup hon? My mind flew to the pantry and the canned soups, stews or chili’s in it, then I looked around the garden and thought hmmmmm

So starting on the top left, you have a diced green onion, then below, you have blanched and chopped stinging nettle, the middle round peices are diced DayLily roots and the white diced is fresh horseradish, the greens are a mix of spring greens and spicy greens.

I cooked those shown above, other then the greens in a little duck fat, then added a quart of lamb bone broth, two handfuls of small pasta, once the pasta was done, I added in the greens to wilt, a little fresh cracked black pepper, and a tiny pinch of sea salt..

Light, tasty, full of flavour and packed with fresh goodes for our craving for spring bodies.. What are you eating out of your garden at this point? and how are you using it?

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6 Responses to Garden Shopping for Dinner Tonight -Spring Greens Soup.

  1. Glo D says:

    Sigh… snow on the ground…. no garden veggies yet…

  2. Julia Swancy says:

    oh wow, you can eat daylily roots?? I totally would have thought they’d have bad alkaloids in them. wish I had dinner at your house!

  3. I eradicated all the stinging nettle from my garden. Just waiting for the lambs quarter and dandelion lions to come up, so yummy

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