Why I lose more weight in winter..

I almost titled this freeze your buns, cause I am so excited that being Nov 1st, I can turn on the heat at least a little, I turn the heaters off in the spring and try very hard to not turn them back on till at least Nov 1st, its time to close off the upstairs, I have been washing and switching out my summer curtains to my winter curtains.

Now, I have to own up to the fact that I did cheat while I was sick, I could not get warm, I mean I was teeth chattering cold, and no amount of layers or blankets was cutting it, I did turn on the bedroom heater till I finally felt warm and slept so much better for it. There has to be a balance in all things.

However now that I do feel better, not up to full par but alot better, I have been enjoying the fall weather much more, and I think I have finally figured out why I lose more weight in winter then summer, its because yesterday, I went.. brrr.. getting cold.. and without thinking about it, got up and grabbed the weights, did a little workout till all warm and limber, and then went back to what I was doing..

Yup, the best way to deal with being on the cool side is to do regular small ten min workout’s every couple hours thoughout the day, it ramps up your internal heating and you feel so much better for it.. most likely you also feel better for it within a matter of days because you also are working out more. Add in hauling the water twice daily, instead of the sheep being able to use the pond for water, add in hauling the hay, shoveling snow and it just all add’s up.

While I eat more comfort food in winter, soups, stews, I am not nearly as hungry in winter as I am in summer when I am hot and tired.. I find in summer I can work long enough hours that I am truly hungry, while in winter, I am often content with a pot of hot tea or a bowl of soup..

Throw in the Wii workouts which I have time for in winter and never seem to touch in the summer, I mean come on, there is so! much to do in the summer and why wii workout if you can take a walk, work in the gardens or you are canning for hours on end.

While I have not gained back the weight I lost last year, I have not had a good year in regards to losing weight this year, I go up a few pds, down a few pds and basicly have been stable.. so now that fall/winter is arriving, its time to put alot more effort into dropping those pds.

In keeping with that, I am going to go back to once a week blogging about how I am doing on that, it really helped when I was writing it out weekly and having to own if I lost or stayed the same.. I also found it helpful to know that I would have to write if I did that walk or workout etc..

So how about you? Do you have a season that you tend to lose weight more easily in? Is it winter or summer? Is it related to available time or just will power?

Got to send out a congrats to Andrea on her lose the fluff success

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5 Responses to Why I lose more weight in winter..

  1. Andrea says:

    ::blush:: Thanks. Congrats to you too…maintaining weight is just as difficult as losing it, in my opinion.

    Believe it or not, I’m with you. I find it far easier to lose weight in fall/winter than in spring/summer. In spring/summer we’re just so doggone busy, planning meals doesn’t even make the priority list. After a long day of planting, mulching, cutting grass, pulling weeds, harvesting and canning in 90 degree weather, I don’t even want to think about cooking. So as ashamed as I am to admit it, we order a lot of pizza from the one-room, mom and pop grocery/pizzeria in the next village. In winter, things slow down and I can plan ahead and pace myself. And that’s when I lose the most fluff. And yes, Wii Fit helps. If nothing else, the little talking scale is a huge encouragment.

    • Thanks Andrea, yup the wii sure does help but admit it LOL, there are day’s you could just hit that little guy if you could ..haha..

      I hear you on the summer, the heat makes it so that by the time the work is done, there is energy for nothing extra.. I will always take slightly cooler temps then those high hot humid summer days!

  2. Daisy says:

    I’m the exact opposite, I gain in the winter and I know it’s the lack of sunlight that does it to me. I just grind to a halt. It’s getting close to the time of year when I am coming and going from work in the dark and it gives me the blues and makes me want to hibernate. In the summer I have hours of sunlight left after work and I spend them all outside being active. I really need to embrace winter and find something to get me moving, maybe Wii fit would be a good idea. I am much less likely to hurt myself doing that than say, figure skating. 🙂

    • Hi Daisy

      Might want to get a sunlamp if you find that the lack of sunlight really slows you down, or consider adding in more fresh greens to the diet, its amazing how quickly extra collard greens can seem to lift my spirits. Yup, the wii can leave you with sore the next day but unless you go crazy with some of those yoga poses, I can’t see it being anywhere near as likely as figure skating for getting hurt LOL

      • Deb W says:

        This am on CBC radio they were talking about the benefits of eating (raw) nuts like: serotonin to lift your mood and help you sleep better, high fibre, cholesterol fighter…
        Enough almonds to fit in the palm of your hand is enough to do the trick. : )

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