The sap is running now..

I know compared to lots of folks, that we are later, but this week looks like it will be a great run, and I am so looking forward to those full buckets of sweet Maple water.

Question for all those that have lived in maple country longer then I have, Can anyone tell me if there is a reason that you could not boil down your maple sap to say 20 to 1 and then can it for keeping?

I love the taste of half way there maple water, and I would like to try it as the water source in a number of cooking recipes, like instead of using water in a bean recipe, use Maple water instead, in those case’s it would finish cooking down a bit in the recipe, but also because I do like the taste of it, I was thinking chilled the fridge and drank as is on a hot humid summer day sounds heavenly.. or could use it as the base for homemade iced tea with maple undertones..

So anyone out there doing this already? if so, words of advice? Anyone out there can tell me why this would not work? The sap would be strained, boiled and then water bathed in regards to the canning. As long as it was eqaul to canning a “light” sugar syrup, I can’t see why it could not be done? Thoughts are welcome.

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