Guanciale-Its Ready..

So here is the finished Product, Sliced and ready for me to use in my planned recipes that I will be sharing soon, I am going Tradional for one, and Funky for the other..I should point out that while I did roast this off, its not finished being cooked, which will happen in the recipes.

Here is the whole peice minus the hide and the first big thick cut of fat, roasted from the oven.

After a eight days in the brine, its ready to come out, be well rinsed and baked for my planned uses, it would also be ready to be hung to dry as two other pieces were for later use, and then I am going to smoke them.. Below, Trimmed and covered with its dry Brine..

Well, here it is, in my family when we make head cheese, which means that Pork Jowls are part of that process and so I had never used them to make Pork Jowl Bacon, or a kind of Bacon, it is Bacon like but it has its own flavor and texture, its really good..

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4 Responses to Guanciale-Its Ready..

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  2. Canadian Doomer says:

    Oh, boy …

    My mouth’s watering. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. I’m still working on getting up the nerve to order my pig. Since I don’t have a freezer, I’ll be canning and curing like crazy.

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