Homemade Pork Rinds

This is not your store bought Pork Rinds, these are the homemade kind that you chew and chew and if you like pork rinds your mouth just waters at the flavor and texture of these babies.  Anyway you cut it, these are in limited supply, which just makes them all the more special. So in this case, I got a fresh pork belly with hide on and made bacon, after the bacon was ready but not cured yet, I used it as fresh bacon. It went into the oven at 350, the first thing you will notice is that the rind is going to change color, it will go from a dark pink to a soft tan color, it will lighten somehow in tone from a dark warm to a cooler light..

At that point, you want to sneak out, cool it down just enough to work with it, and cut it off the bacon itself, I try and leave about 1/4 inch of fat on it, if you have bacon (meat attached) you can leave it on to cook for a bit longer but you are going to need to pull it off as it cooks, you just wan the hide and fat left..

Now you cook it.. if you see this.. its not ready, if that fat is still bubbling out.. keep baking that baby..

What you want to see is this..

Once you it, you get it out of the pan and cut it into stripes before it has a chance to cool and get all crispy, at which point it will become very hard to cut, some folks like to cut the stripes into cubes, I like to pick up a piece and give it a chew to get peices off, but if you like it more tidy by all means feel free to cut it down in size.  Its worth noting that this was clearly a pink pig, and that my black skinned pigs would give a light black rind.

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