Bitter Cold

ahhhh, frost bite warming on exposed skin within ten min, and they say that in our closest city that its min 30 c with wind chill min 38, but the outside farm says that its min 36 c without the wind chill so assuming that that my wind is giving the same as the city, and it is windy.. that means its minus 42 on the farm this morning..all I have to say is thank you for snow pants, layers, wool socks, and full face covers, I didn’t take baby down to milk out mom, it was just to cold to carry him up and down. So those folks that read from area’s that don’t use Celcus that would be minus 44 F

I know, I know I have lived in the artic where we had whole weeks that were min 65 C with wind chill but we didn’t have to haul water, haul hay/bedding, Milk twice a day or do the rest of the chores, its cold enough that everyone needs extra feed and fat in their diets example, handfull of black sunflower seeds thrown in on top of rabbit food for the extra calories and fat in their diets. Multple trips out daily to check and give small amounts of fresh warm water. 

Its a day for a hot soup or stew to just simmer on the stove all day long, so I can have a bowlful off and on when ever I feel like it.. its a good day to can or bake to get that extra heat in the house, but also spent a bit of time to get all the extra critter water jugs (80 liters each) full in case we lose power, which according to the radio many folks are in fact out of power/heat at the moment locally..

Ok, How cold is it?

1) Cold enough that when you milk the milk freeze’s on the steel bowl that you are milking in.

2) Cold Enough that the critters outside eyelashs or whiskers have frost on them..

3) Cold Enough that the pig was burned by two to three feet of bedding and when she came up for fresh water and feed, her whole body was steaming..

4) Cold enough the rabbit winter crocks didn’t need to be banged out, the ice just flipped out.

5) Cold Enough to need two pair of socks, winter boots, snowpants, and five layers on top before the extra long wool coat goes overtop, with three layers on face/neck and head, two layers of gloves, one inner and one outer.

6) Cold enough that the Turkeys are still up in the tree roost, and didn’t come down until I got to them with fresh warm water and grain, just moved an eyeball in a puffy ball of feathers as I went by back and forth with water for the sheep.

7) Cold enough that according to the Radio, last night we broke the record here for the coldest its got on that day (remember we are in the 30 coldest days of the year) that had been held for 41 years.. ya..we set a new record on how cold it can get.. thank god for barns and straw bedding and that critters are smart enough to sleep together for body warmth or that they can burrow into bedding.

7a) Cold enough that after five trips outside dressed like a mummy, I went out to answer the door for two min to talk to someone that stopped to see if I knew who a lost pony belonged to, I guess at least one of those little old ladies that saw me with my baby oxen in training, can’t see very well, because they thought my calf was a new pony and told them that I had a pony now, in that short two min visit, I froze, the wind blew and I got mild frostbite on the top of my right ear.. Grrrrr, well I should have known better, and now I get to practice how to treat mild frostbite. Its can happen that quick folks!

8) Cold Enough that I don’t feel the least bit guilty about having a big mug of hot chocolate after chores got done.

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1 Response to Bitter Cold

  1. 40 Pounds By June says:

    Oh, Farm Gal — Last night we went down to minus 14 — it hardly ever goes below zero here in my part of the NE. I was going to write you today to ask you to stop sending down this frigid air! Cuz I know where it’s coming from 🙂
    But, after reading your weather report, I can’t stay mad! And, I agree, hot chocolate is earned!!!!!

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