Shiver me’Timbers an a once a decade snow storm

Well, the little Chocolate and White ewe lamb  Shiver me’timber is doing very well indeed, she spent a full 24 hour plus out with her momma in her jug pen, and is drinking steady now, using her heated spot, or sleeping tucked beside momma sheep and has even been spotted doing wee hop bops on the camera that lets me peek on them whenever I want from the house..  man is that handy


We were prepped for the big storm and it did come to our province and even by us, 45 min away they got large dumps of snow that shut down roads, trapped peaple in vehicles for upwards of 9 hours, stopped all the foolish peaple that were told to stay home in the morning and didn’t and then could not get back into their side roads or driveways and there for let their vehicles on bigger streets blocking even more traffic and the snow plows..

Our farm however did not get anywhere near what they said, we got 8 inches, no power loss and if anything the temps warmed up beautifully, going from a chilly -28 with wind chill of -35 to what felt like a warm -3..  now we did the winds.. hard heavy winds that for sure have made some good drifts at 60 to 80 km.  Thankfully the wind blew in from its most common direction and there for the shelter belts did their job as well as they can.

The wild birds were all fluffy and tucked him from the wind, the dove above was sitting on my pea/bean fencing with its friends, swaying in the wind, at first I was was confused until I realized that the whole line of willows was breaking the wind for the birds, so they had a good view but far less wind then they could have had..


Now they say that its not fully over till weds, but the today tuesday has come in grey overcast and no snow yet.. Bells kitten among others was very happy to have sleeps on the warm sheepskin rugs, and I was grateful for the big winter feather quilts made by our friends out at the colony in alberta.  So warm and the quality can not be beat anywhere.


The house was fuller then normal, most of the indoor/outdoor kittys were indoor yesterday and while they were dreaming of being outside, they didn’t want anything to do with it when the doors were open lol..  content to be warm and sit and watch the outside world from the windows out to the gardens


The day was quiet for sure, hubby put in his work hours, earning the steady paycheck, I puttered on household and side gigs. The first grinds are done on a few different types of rocks and we are on to the second finer grinding of three kinds.. updates on them in the future..

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6 Responses to Shiver me’Timbers an a once a decade snow storm

  1. Widdershins says:

    Very wise cats πŸ˜€ … good news about ‘Shiv’. πŸ™‚

  2. valbjerke says:

    My turn to check in on you – hope all is well with you and your hubby. All we’re hearing about these days (aside from Covid) is the trucking blockades. I think people are so on edge at the moment it pays to be hyper alert. Take care!

  3. valbjerke says:

    Will do! Sometime this weekend for sure.

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