Bad Day to be Born

It did not matter that your momma was in the big barn

It did not matter that your momma picked the most draft free jug corner in the far end of the barn

It did not matter that Dear Hubby had hauled down extra chips of bedding for the “girls”

Nope.. it was still a bad day to be born little one..   Your momma did a great job cleaning you up, and you are dry for sure.. but its a deep, DEEP BITTER COLD and you still got chilled..

No matter how good your momma was, no matter that she is the sweetest momma, you still picked a BAD day to be born.. We moved you guys from the big barn to the croft, carried with care deep in the jacket to keep the wind off you.. into the jug you went with the extra in floor heating spot for you..

Still you are not strong like you should be and you chill far to easy.. a little extra lamb jacket added, extra care, your momma is loaded with milk, teats striped of wax plugs and you drank some but not as strong as you should..

So, what is a farmgal to do, milked your momma out, as expected given her breeding, her teat size and placement made milking a dream, took out 12 oz for the night feedings and she had more yet, and I will milk her again in the morning, got a good feeding into you wee lamb, into the house in the warming box you go..

Its going to be a long evening/night with little feedings regular  (I sent Dear Hubby off to bed for first/second rest)and soon I hope things will look better by the time I hope to get sleep on 3rd rest..

I hope that tomorrow will be a good day to be one day old because tomorrow night a big old storm is moving in, all the ewe’s have been moved up to the croft, as we are to get dump loads of snow coming in over the next three days.. so lets keep everyone close and plan for power outages..

I know I have said it before and I will say it again.. the pressure changes during storms seem to bring on the babies..

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7 Responses to Bad Day to be Born

  1. mariazannini says:

    I remember those days. Good luck to that little baby. I hope your weather improves too.

    • thankfully the babe was a good steady drinker, and I was up every 1.5 for a fast feeding/change of pee pee pad in the bedding.. we were up again just after 6 and I took her awake, bright eyed and bushy tailed and got strong active nursing on both teats on mom with a very nicely filled belly, so hopefully with the infloor heated sleep spot, and a good night of warmth and feedings and her being stronger now, we are in the clear.. The weather is going to warm up a touch this morning but only because a snow storm is coming into dump 2 to 3 or more feet of snow on us in the next 24 to 72 hours with possable upward of 4 feet, we will see, we will see.. but they are saying we will be staying home for at least two or three days during it.. and to expect and plan for power outages..

  2. So many of our lambs have ended up with storm related names due to the fact that they are often born during storms. Blizzard, Avalanche, Stormy, Snowball, Tornado….granted, none have been born during a tornado, but it was during a storm and he was all twisted up and had to be pulled. So we named him tornado. Now that we live on the high plains though…I hope we never use that name for the real reason. 🙂

  3. Widdershins says:

    Hope the wee one is still thriving. 🙂

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