Head Down..

What can I say, its been a bit wild around here lately, making my eyes go wide, my stress level both go up and my head go down..


Like everyone else it seems sickness entered our household in the new year.. Hubby never caught it, of course it was me.. and it hit me hard in my ears, sinus and throat.. after the pain got to the point that I had to call and get medical help, it was a rapid turn  around once I got my antibodics and a sinus spray. I still do not personally believe this was Covid, (my doctor thinks it was) but I had three negative rapid tests

However that was not the real issue.. no no.. I got my first case of shingles..  and let me tell you.. Shingles is INSANELY painful..   We thought somehow I got a chemical burn with blisters but then more patches came until it filled in a ring..

It came on my left side, in a band across my upper left leg and the only way to even try and explain it would be..

  1. It felt like having a second degree burn that would then react to air, movement (and try not moving your whole upper leg hah) and so on..
  2.  Randomly with no warning or plan or way to know how many times, it was like my body was hit with a hot line set on low..  (maybe a few where high set hot line)  It was like my whole leg would be hit over and over again with a cattle prod.. which would then jolt my whole body..

The pain could and would make me loose my breath, make me scream out while trying to rest, and would at times come on so strong that it would lock my body up and make me drop..  I have NEVER had anything like it..

I was able to get the antivirals, I was able to treat myself in a number of ways that were supportive, I also sent my husband to the city and got the strongest gummy’s allowed to be sold as so many peaple told me that regular pain meds would not work as its “nerve” pain but that the good old fashion THC would and it did..

I have used the no high 3% with the higher pain meds salve before but in this case I didn’t care, I needed rest, I wanted it to knock me out and I have never been so grateful for even those 45 min of sleep after days of being awake..

It still took close to a full 2 weeks to have all the blisters break and dry up (at which time I could have given folks chicken pox) I was ever so grateful that hubby had chicken pox as a child and could help me.. Hubby held down a full time job, did the farm work and nursed me.. BLESS that man.

I did find and have stock up on a Eastern Medical salve that helps numb nerve pain.. and slowly, every so slowly I have healed up..  It is worth note that when I joined the local shingle support group to try and learn if what was happening was within the norm, that it had exploded.. it would appear thousands of canadian’s that got sick over the holidays then within about 10 to 14 days after clearing the sickness, got their first bout of shingles and many MANY of us were far younger then normal

I am beyond grateful that my doctor is going to allow me to get the shingle vaccine after one year of being shingle free even if I do have to pay out of pocket, the goverment will only cover after the age of 60..  I ideally NEVER want to go thought that again..

While I was at home dealing with this.. all around me was staging, less then 15 min from my farm was one of the biggest staging area’s and three others within 20 min in regards to the trucker protest.. it would be fair to say that my local area was pro truckers, it was a common site to see the support trucks drive by on their way in each day, a good number of homes locally opened their spare bedrooms to the adopt a trucker, where they welcomed them in for meals/lodging, the local community groups led meal making, 1000’s of meals were prepped and delivered

It was like having two things happening at the same time, here in the country side, there was support, new friendships and a working respect among those active..  and at the same time, my friends in the city, well lets just say this.. if the military played noise at those height levels 24 hours a day, it would be considered mental torture, while there were so many that were welcomed with open arms, there were thousands, tens of thousands that could not sleep, that had to leave their homes, that felt threatened..

Both parts and sides hold their own truths.. yes I know peaple that drove down and had no issues, yes I know peaple that had threats made to them, yes I know peaple lost work on both sides, Yes I know peaple that went and peaple that fled the city.. yes I know those that went in support and I also know those that were at the counter protest blocking the trucks..

Their stories are their own and I WILL NOT speak for them but I can say this.. if anyone thinks this was black and white.. well.. you can..  go ahead.. but for me.. there was as many truths as there was peaple and each one is its own..

and on and on and on it went.. If you want more info on it.. pick a news site and there will be more stories then you would think possable..

I am going to stop here for the moment..  there is more..  and I will write more.. but for now.. this will do.. this will do..

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11 Responses to Head Down..

  1. You have my prayers girl!! I’ve had them and then Covid hit in Virginia and I’ve even been afraid to go get the vaccine but I will before this month is out!!! I remember the pain so distinctly and was initially told I had a herniated disc, no mention of shingles, rash was minimal and thought it was just something I had come in contact with. Hope you are completely well soon and we all have enough to deal with in this crazy world!!!

  2. So sorry you were in so much pain! Glad you feel better.

  3. mariazannini says:

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with all that. But you’ve convinced me to talk to my doctor about getting the shingles vaccine.

    Hope you get better soon.

  4. Widdershins says:

    Covid gave us both a good smackdown two weeks ago, and I can’t imagine how much worse it would’ve been if we weren’t vaccinated and boosted … so glad to hear you’re on the mend too. 🙂

  5. Shingles can be horrible. I’m so sorry you had to go through this but I am happy to hear you are on the mend.

    • I know that I am lucky that it did not come on the face, eye or ears, I know that I am lucky that I caught it in time, I know that I am lucky its healing.. I never knew much about it to be honest before it happened.. and now I know more then I want to..

  6. Wendy says:

    I had shingles as a child on my back but do not remember any pain. I know a lot of eldery people here have it at the moment. It is said, as a side effect of a lesser immunesystem, cause of the covid vaccines. My uncle has it and he is very poorly. In the Netherlands you can get a vaccin for shingles but you just will have to ask. I have not heard from anyone that took it. Your post made me think I should take it, having had it before. Do you know which vaccin you will get? I read there are two : Zostavax (more UK?) and Shingrix (more USA?).
    On the truckers, yes there are allways two sides to take into consideration.

    These are strange times, very strange. Feeling like being at a fair and I just cannot find the exit.

    • Good Morning Wendy I did not even know that a child could get shingles, you must have had the chicken pox very early in life then to be able to get shingles. wow.. I am glad you do not remember any pain, I am not sure I have heard anyone else say they do not remember the pain.. I have done a lot of reading on it, it would appear to be that you need the factors of a) having had chicken pox at a earlier time in your life b) dropped immune, which can be stress, sickness or overall any kind of immune depression. I am not sure what vaccine I will be getting, my doctor just made a note on my file and told me to call a year after it had fully cleared. I will find out more closer to when I can get one.. they are very strange times..

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