Bells is so much fun to take photography’s of but in this case, I am going to use it to express that feeling of WHAT.. WHAT!! that many of us are feeling at the moment..

Early Fall is shifting to true fall, the hunters are out, we are looking for late Oct season mushrooms in the bush, the garden is finally! winding down, all over my facebook feed locally garlic is going into the ground for next year..

For some, they are right in the middle of the fourth wave and for others they are breathing big sighs as things are opening back up and they are planning for thanksgiving (ok we already had our Canadian Thanksgiving) but many of my readership is from the USA and they have not.. Many more are planning christmas, and other holiday’s and markings of the passing of the season’s, marking of the new year, turning of the wheel..

What everyone no matter where you live, no matter what you are dreaming or hoping for, a winding down, a slow down into the calm sleep rest of winter, or a gear up into the heat of summer (some of my readers are in AUS and they are coming into their gardening time) everyone is feeling that the effect of “inflation”

Been to the grocery store lately..  See the Kitten above at the bill..

Been to the feed store lately..  See the Kitten at the selection and the Bill!

Been to the lumber yard lately.. See the Kitten, grasp and shake your head and refuse to buy anything more then you need and then still curse the Bill!

Been to the gas pumps.. in cases, peaple are still happy to get gas no matter the price, others are SEE the Kitten above..  in canada, we talk about the weather ALL THE TIME.. because its a huge part of our day.. right now on facebook, peaple are posting the gas price or what it cost to fill their truck or car likes its the top news..  I paid this! O ya.. mine is at! WTF Gas is at..

Got the letter yet from your propane company or gas company.. up to a 300% increase is coming this winter..  SEE the KITTEN ABOVE..  Lift your head back and let it out..

O this is going to be challenging finish to 2021, and 2022 I SEE YOU! grumble, grumble, grumble..

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8 Responses to WHAT! WHAT… NO!

  1. arlynch1475 says:

    Girlllll…..we’re slightly insulated here because we’re in a farming community but it’s getting ugly. I dont know how people who dont garden, can and diy are going to make it. I was listening to a call in program this morning and a caller reported seeing a $100 pot roast. I’m not sure what area, maybe California, but that’s ridiculous.

    • Its going to get lean and mean for a good number of families, but also seniors, and even for the rest of us.. we can off set different ways but in the end, we are all going to be paying some of it in the end.. its just a matter of how much.. I have been blinking hard at my own radio call in shows.. I get it!

  2. valbjerke says:

    Same out here. A friend of mines hubby broke his ankle at work…he hunts for their meat every year. Not this year – she’s having a fit at having to go and actually buy meat from the store. I finally extracted my honey – less than last year due to weather and swarming, but I tell myself that with as much as I did get, I can afford to watch for Bee Maid to come on sale. On a whim I cruised the meat aisles at Costco 😳Are you kidding me – how does a family eat? The price of grain has gone through the roof – don’t think we’re going to do meat birds next year, but I’m still Messi g with the idea of finding a dual purpose bird that can turn itself into something edible by acting more like a chicken and less like a genetically messed with bird that almost needs to be spoon fed high test wheat. Stocking up on flour while it’s still reasonable. Plotting, planning and scheming – it’s almost a full time job these days. It’s times like these I’m glad we still heat and cook with wood despite the workload of doing so. I have a propane stove- but don’t have to use it this time of year.
    The auto dealerships up here – almost completely empty lots now.
    Deep breath – things are going to go to hell in a handbag. I think C5 is sitting back and saying ‘told you so’….

    • As I happen to do a semi regular phone visit check in with C5 and his lovely wife, I know he is saying it.. LOL.. we are still better set up them so many but that does not mean I do not see how it is effecting others. We are seeing movement here on the lots.. one or two shipments per week coming in now, averaging 50 to 80 new coming in on the dealerships I am watching and tracking locally.. a four to six weeks ago, they came in and where sold that day.. now things are holding a couple days and depending on what a couple weeks.. even got a mini dealer rebate on a few ranging between 500 to 1500 but of course not on the one we are going for lol..

      I am so sorry for your friend, that has to be very hard indeed.. and honestly I do not know how peaple afford to buy at the current meat prices and I also think its totally unfair because the gap between breeder/rancher and end price is MASSIVE.. I hope more and more will co-op for butcher shops, on store farms and farm gate sales.. we need to cut out the middle men..

    • Our provincal goverment just set up a 25 million dollar line in the current budget for loans/grants for smaller/med sizes meat shops.. it was amazing to see them say, we need more.. want to start one, start up costs keeping it from happening.. we can help.. bring the drive and willing to work and we will bring the money, they want to split it out over the different areas.. good for them..

      • valbjerke says:

        Full circle around here – years ago the gov’t stopped allowing all farm to plate sales on meat unless slaughtered at a registered facility. Meat birds – there was nowhere else to take them. Many farmers simply closed ranks and said fine, we’ll take care of ourselves then. Just read an announcement a few weeks ago. About face – once again we are allowed to slaughter and butcher and sell X amount of meat on farm. 🤦‍♀️ What pisses me off, is they’re acting like they have their finger on the pulse of the farmer and have come up with this genius plan. We had the damn plan to start with. Funny how is farmers aren’t acting all grateful….

      • O WOW, you guess can on farm butcher and sell.. we have to take them to the registered facility.. that is what we are lacking, they keep closing, and they are getting further and further drive apart.. we are booking out a year in advance or depending two years.. we have been trying for years to say. we do not need another big federal meat plant, we need local small shops that serve the community.. hahaha, you made me laugh at the idea that they have the pulse on the farmer.. snort

      • I recall hearing people say decades ago how ridiculous that ‘The Powers That Be’ were allowing all of these ‘Big Guys’ to corner the Market and buy up/ force out all the small abattoirs that used to be in every single community (same deal for Cheese/ Dairy producers) Then there have been all of these safety recalls because so much meat comes from those very few, massive Meat Packers. Watched this happen, and heard the Elders say it was a stupid idea back then (50? years ago?) so as a result have been an advocate all my life for Support Small, Buy Local!! Sounds great to me that this situation might finally be straightened out after all this time.

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