By-product of Duck Butchering-Down and Small Feathers-Part One

Its always a good thing to harvest the best warm down feathers each time and save them.. they are so warm when used properly!

Just another Day on the Farm

Now I think most folks can see that with the different new duck recipes appearing on the blog lately that I am doing a little of my fall bird butcher out, now its worth noting that for those that are wanting to make some for those recipes, that I am making my recipes with Muscovy’s, as I find them to be one of the best birds for small farms, high production rates and one of the finest duck meat available, however I had it pointed out to me that I should comment that as Muscovy’s are a duck, they are not from the same ” mallard” breeding line, and that their meat is a touch different then regular ducks. I think Poultry for small farms says it perfectly..

“If you’ve never eaten Muscovy, you should know that it’s really something. Muscovy is not at all greasy like other duck meat, it’s…

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