Happy 9th Birthday Just another day on the farm

Just Another Day on the Farm Blog turns 9 years old today!

3 Thousand, 3 Hundred and 42 Posts

13 Thousand and 994 Comments

Nine years ago, I started this blog with a recipe.. I will share the recipe and the photo that goes with it towards the end of this post.

However first I need to say.. THANK YOU!

Without readers, without commenters, without people sharing the blog.. it would not be near as much fun as its been and will continue to be!

Things have changed so much since I started the blog and it continues to change.. there are times I feel like I am a old timer in this, sometimes I just like doing things the way I learned, others I am more open to new things. Sometimes I try new and go back to older ways..  It has a flow to it that’s for sure..

So here is your Flashback to my very first post ever!


Creamy Rice Salad in a Pumpkin Bowl Recipe

1 cup of uncooked Red Rice (which if you have never had is as close as I have found to wild rice in taste without the very heavy cost to go with, its a good chewy and nutty Rice) Cooked per instructions. Then put in the fridge to get cold

1/4 green pepper diced
10 mushrooms diced
1/8 Large Purple Onion Diced
1 Stock Celery Diced
1 Large Leaf of Purple Cabbage Diced
1 clove of Garlic-Diced

The veggies were fried up till just starting to soften, then spread out and cooled in the fridge till cold.

2 Heaping TBS of my homemade mayo
1 Heaping TBS of my homemade Greek Style Yogurt
1 TBS White Wine Vinergar
1 Tsp Raw Honey
1 Tsp of my Dried Basil (the spice one)
1/2 tsp of Dried Ginger, Black Pepper, Salt

Mix together the Rice, Veggies and Dressing, Add 1/4 cup raw pumpkin seeds and 8 half whole raw walnuts chopped.

I took a pie pumpkin, Cut it so that the bottom will be 3/4, with top 1/3, cleaned out the insides (don’t forget to keep the pumpkin seeds for later use) and wrapped it up in foil and baked it till just done.

Split apart, drain any extra water inside it and allow to become cold.. Take Salad and fill the inside bowl, then top to be able to serve, just lift the lid and vola..

This salad can be eaten as side for sure but as it was to be a starter, I brought a fresh baked loaf of my sweet, soft and tany buttermilk bread that I made yesterday. So I will cut up the fresh bread to be served with the topping of the Salad..





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16 Responses to Happy 9th Birthday Just another day on the farm

  1. Thehendzels says:

    Happy birthday! 😊. Around how many followers do you have?

    • I have different followers on different area’s but there are several thousand that get each post in email and about another 1500ish that get it though facebook and twitter directly but twitter per post can be all over the place on retweets.. I have had a dozen folks or on my best post, I had a reach of 83, 000 on one post.. I am new on instragram so not sure on that one yet really but I have certain pins that bring in 3 to 5 thousand a year steady.. as a example.. in 2018-2019 season my “5 ways to use your eggshells” post has been clicked on and read though just shy of 4000 from the pin.. the question is will it have staying power.. V

      • Thehendzels says:

        Wow! That is incredible! I endeavour to have as many followers as you do one day. Right now I have about 100 evenly spread between FB and WordPress. Who knows how many I have for those who’ve signed up via e-mail. Good job, Val. That’s amazing!

      • Thanks D.. I would like to grow it more.. I think that is something that all bloggers want.. more readers 🙂

      • Thehendzels says:

        Agreed. That’s why I was thinking of doing ads. While ill I’ve been reading up on how to increase readership. It’s a lot of work, but I’m impatient, lol!

      • well, at this stage in blogging if I was to give you a tip for increasing blog traffic, it would be to make sure you create a nice “pin” and to get it up on pinterest on your boards.. While A lot of other things will drive they know you traffic but for fast “spreading” of a post with lots of drive back traffic.. Pins are big time leaders. google will become your friend but it takes time and a lot of work to make that happen.. nailing a good pin and bringing in the traffic off of it is a cross between luck and getting it right but its faster!

      • Thehendzels says:

        Hmm… okay. I’m not on Pinterest or Twitter, or Instagram. I suppose my next project will be to look into all of these and set up accounts. Thank you! ❤️

  2. Silver says:

    Happy Anniversary! ❤

  3. Cricket says:

    Happy Anniversary! I have learned so much from you and this blog. I was trying to remember when on this journey I jumped on. I know it’s been at least 6.5 years since I subscribed. Thanks for all you share!

  4. Widdershins says:

    Happy 9th Blog-O-Versary!!! ;D

  5. Time flies! Happy b’day V!

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