Camo Soap

As most folks know I have been making Cold Process soaps for many years now..  This soap loaf is so lovely on many fronts. It is made with my favorite blend of oils.. its an nice harder bar of soap..

I was teaching how to make soap that day and so I let the student pick the colors of the soap to blend and put together.. we ended up with a very funky three tone camo soap!

This is a plant based infused soap as well.. the main oil was warm temp infused with Golden rod flowers and leaves to give a added bonus to this soap in terms of giving a skin boosting salve to it..

I am looking forward to making a number of different batches of soap this week.. More on that soon..

On to all the things happening on this busy sunday..

Hope all my readers and friends on the east coast are doing well and made it though the storm with little to no damage.. If you are willing.. please consider dropping me a quick. all good once you get power back!

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1 Response to Camo Soap

  1. valbjerke says:

    Love the look of that 😊. My hubby gets suspicious of ‘different’ things – so good old plain shampoo/body bar it is in my house 😂. Maybe on my next batch I’ll get creative.

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