Farmgal Photography May 9th

Two mated golden finch pair in the yard.. bright flashes of yellow here and there..

The rare and hard to find on the list bobolink and mate sang for me before heading to the hay fields

grackle male

Total of three mated pairs of common Grackles

three pairs so far of swooping tree swallows.. they come early morning and evening and feed over the new dront  pond.

western wood peeweeone adorable western wood peepee mated pair,, they are working on a nest in the brown shed, i hope? to share them sitting, hatching and raising their babies..

So much singing and breeding going on the front pons.. there are going to be thousands of baby toads coming, i have never seen so many breeding pairs.. i always have a healthy toad population on the farm.

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5 Responses to Farmgal Photography May 9th

  1. Nice to see the toads!

    • I could hear them singing up a storm and I find it so interesting that I have two shades of toads in the pond, they are clearly inter-breeding but the color difference is not related to sex as I saw it in both males and females. most of them are green hue based, like most normal toads I have seen but there was one big female and one good size breeding male that were red hued.. darker and for sure red pigments in with the green.. very fancy indeed.

  2. Silveryew says:

    How lovely to see the birds returning and preparing to nest, spring is here now for sure ❤

  3. Lots of choice here but he(she?) looks like what Dad always called a Flycatcher (and nested on the big beam in the drive shed: )

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