Farmgal Photo’s May 2nd

nd This is Solo the single ducklings born far to late in the fall last year that hubby adored, he has grown into a good looking young drake.. enjoying his swing and bath time.

Loved this White Throated Sparrow mated pair that have set up shop in the yard.. so pretty!

It was a bird kind of week..

One more..

I hope your yards are filled with fine feathered friends and that their singing lifts your heart the way it does mine!

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4 Responses to Farmgal Photo’s May 2nd

  1. Silveryew says:

    What lovely pictures, I especially like your picture of the white throated sparrow!

  2. Totally LOVE that White-Throated Sparrow pic, FG!! Dark-Eyed (Slate) Junco are a favourite here as well; and they are right alongside the White-Crowned & American Tree Sparrows flipping in the leaf litter all around Momma Red Squirrel. You’re right, it is SO busy around the feeder right now! Gold and House Finches are hogging the perch like pigs at a trough: )

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