Happy 47th Birthday Dear Hubby!

Dear Hubby and I meet when we were both 26 and its hard to believe that Dear Hubby turns 47 today, that means that I am going the same in the fall.. Where has the time gone! Here is one at 29 out in the field.. (hubby’s formal training is Geologist)

Here is a selection of photos of hubby over the past year, I look forward to many adventures this year and having some amazing photos to share next year!

This is what you see most of the good weather time..   I keep begging to color that grey and he keeps telling me, he earned it!


I never expected him to take me up on it when I laughed and said.. want to ride the bull! at the local fair.. he went twice..

Lots of photos like this in all season’s.. and more will come this year, I realized that I had lots of photos of things but nearly enough of us.. so I need to get a selfie stick so we can get our cuddle ones but also a bit more of what is around us.. I will learn how to do this better in 2019.

My boys, Dear Hubby, Bojangles and Caleb.. love them to bits!

It was so nice to have family come visit, I do not have permission to share more of them, but this one of hubby and his mom and Aunt is to special to not share here.. I know it meant so much to him for ALL the family that came out to the farm to visit.  Uncle B(his dad’s brother) and to his cousin’s and all their sweet babies! 

Here is to a full year my dear! Lets lift a glass and make 2019 a year filled with laughter, love and lots of adventures!

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2 Responses to Happy 47th Birthday Dear Hubby!

  1. mariazannini says:

    Happy birthday to your hubby. Mine used to have single gray streak, but it’s all silver now. 🙂

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