No buy November Part 3 A

Nov 20th

Tuesday was a good morning wake up and lots of energy and it was a baking day. Fresh Bread loaf, Black Pepper and Cheese Buns and Blueberry crisp (which hubby devoured)

The rest of the day was spent on a putter stuff, I got the rest of the prepped pots planted with seeds, I worked on the house a bit, and shoveled again..  I took up a few more tiles.

I read though one of the cookbooks I am to review and tried to find a recipe or two to try.. I could not find a single thing I wanted to make.. It’s beyond basic.. I will try to read it again later this week and see if I can find something in it that will catch my eye. good thing this one was a second-hand buy  I think I will send it back to the church basement when I am done with it or re-gift it.

Miss S had to be locked up tonight after supper to get ready to go for her spay.

Nov 21st

Up early, to early but we had the chores and getting ready to hit the roads early as we needed to get Miss S to the vets for the first appointment of the day.  It had snowed all day Tuesday lightly and then it just kept on going over the night, As I had done the deck I can honestly say that we had an extra 4 an half inches of snow arrive in 24 hours.

Leeloo is missing her momma so she is very interactive with both us and with the other purrpots, She was hunting Patrick, he is a very good boy with her but no one puts up with her nonsense in the same way as her mother does. She has some big! paws to fill to get as fluffy and as sweet as Patrick is 🙂

We needed new wiper blades and winter windshield washer, I also got a gallon of paint for a room in the house. All those three count as approved buys as they are house/farm/vehicle/critter needs.

However I must own up that I did buy an interesting plant that was a clear.. NO

I own it, I bought it.. I had never seen one before and I might not have been able to find it again if I had not gotten one when I did. I will put it in the over spend a list to the end of the month.

I did already have the pot and soil for the transplanting so that was all still in the rules 🙂

We almost got stuck driving out of the driveway in the early morning, Ok, we did get a bit stuck to be honest, I had to get out and push! So we knew that we had to clear the driveway.

My mom had gotten Dear Hubby a snow blower for his birthday early in the year. It was the day it came out of storage and got its first run.. It worked like a charm, it was fast, it was user-friendly, it was lovely.. It took a three-hour job and turned it into a 30 minute job on the big long lane and front walk. (I am still shoveling the deck, steps and so forth). I look forward to trying it out myself on the next snow fall.

The wind was blowing cold and hard, it was very interesting to see the new pattern that are showing themselves in drifting and so forth with the new open yard and the missing tree’s.

For Nov, the deeper cold has arrived, it’s going down into the -20’s tonight with clear sky’s and a big old moon hanging in the sky.. it’s just going to be colder.  It’s strange to look up and think, it would be warmer if it was overcast..  Still a good check on our cold preps before the truly deep cold hits.

Nov 22nd

What a cock-up of a morning..  first its cold out there at -26.. layers and the big winter boots.. the truck didn’t start, time was spent with the charger, and the jumping cables and finally it was called..

Instead of hubby taking the truck to where he catches the bus, and I have the car for the day, I had to drive him and I will need to pick him up. It was not the way that either of us wanted to start the day!

Still to tell the truth the drive was lovely, the roads were cleared and dry, the snow and spruce always lifts my spirits. Got home and ran the hounds, even the farm dogs went brrr and were fast on their bathroom and came dancing up with shaking paws being lifted up and down. No one is quite ready for this this cold yet.  I will leave them in while I do more shoveling and snow removal this morning.


I watched the lights come on for the grow area and smiled at the site of all these little wee sprouts lifting their heads and I puttered on a few other plants while sipping a fresh hot tea.. I took in the beauty of these cheerful flowers..

We have often had issues with the one sink area getting froze up and needing help on a thaw and I have to admit that I went in and turned on the taps expecting a issue despite the fact that we had done the repair work on this and watched in delight as both hot and cold poured out..  NICE! hopefully this will still be the case when its in the -40’s.

LeeLoo is nine weeks old today and that ever changing eye color on her is so interesting to me?! She is in grow mode for sure and is starting to get that “longggggg” look that all pre-teen kittens get, I am a touch sad to see her losing that “wee baby” pudge they all have on milk belly.

The house feels like its getting a way from me, I get one thing done and two more crop up.. so I hope to get a bit more order in things today. I have thawed out a big bag of raspberries to make a another crisp as the first one was gone in two days and I didn’t have that much of it. I also pulled grated zucchini to make a nice loaf with it.

Got the shoveling done and then had a rest.. good thing I set the alarm because I dozed off and then was up and got ready and headed out to the vets to get Miss Sofie. She was very happy to see me and ready to come home.

Her surgery area looks great post 24 hours after her spay and she is chowing down on food/having a drink. I know its a long time between the time we take it away and before they get home to eat but its the best for their system before and after they go under.

However there was one interesting thing.. She appears to be really like to “hold” on her number two.. now I knew she didn’t use the litterbox before I took her in and I did tell them that..  I was warned to keep a eye on it if I could as its possible that she could be a delayed girl in that way and it can be a “possible” issue as she gets older. I am honestly not sure how to keep a eye on it for a cat that does it busy outside.. I think once she heals better, I will start giving her belly a feel and try and learn.. empty, normal and “full”

Its so pretty outside, the sun is shining hard which is lovely in the house, its warm in the sun beams but its a total flip the moment you step outside 🙂

Nov 23rd

Stumbled across a available pup that I am looking at, just need some more info from breeder.. and we will see..

I had not really planned on adding another hound for a two more years.. and I really wanted to add a male and this is a wee girl.. hubby just laughed and said red heads all round then dear!

Up way to early as hubby said someone parked just down the road, turns out they broke down and needed a tow but by then  I was up and going.

Its Black Friday sale and I have my list and checking it twice.. its a short list and we will see, I am REALLY hoping two massive cookbooks will finally go on sale at least 40% off, I have been drooling over them but at 60 plus a book, that is all I have done.

Hubby did his research and add one single thing to the wish list, he has wanted one for years ever since his last one broke. I truly hope it goes on sale. He has been working so hard doing his job plus covering and acting at level above him plus the farm while I have been sick with the flu. I figure some of his many! hours of overtime pay can go to this.

The day moved on smoothly, made a lovely BBQ Beef with mashed and green beans, got my seed potato’s order done.. more on its own post later.

Then the quiet Friday evening went sideways… hubby went out to do chores and sudden appears with the hounds and went.. we have a problem, the smell hit me like a rolling gag..

Baths, and cleaning, eyes burning, can not the smell off my hands perfectly..  o my, o my..

That’s all folks ! A great way to start the weekend..









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9 Responses to No buy November Part 3 A

  1. Debra Ralph says:

    Love your blog. We live in Australia in the sub tropics and our version of winter is 20 degrees Celsius. I look forward to hearing what your week has brought to you and I am so envious of your lifestyle. We dream that one day we can live on our own land and live a simpler life but until then you really brighten my day and I look forward to reading your stories. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Just saw this now. Oh NO!

  3. Oh my, you have had a full week. I’m glad you are feeling better.
    I fully understand your relief when it comes to running water on a cold day. Stay warm!

  4. Widdershins says:

    Love the ‘got skunked’ at the end … ain’t it the way! 😀

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