No Buy November 2018- Week One

Oct 31st

Hubby was home with a cold today but that did not stop me from heading out to get extra things done while I had the car to do so.  I did a stop by to where I buy my hay/straw and had a lovely little chat. Then off to the feed store, a quick stop at bulk barn, I was on the hunt for a Christmas present (but they didn’t have what I needed) and despite Halloween candy being 50% off, I headed out the door with just a small amount of a spice that I wanted to add to the cupboard.

Then I headed to Walmart, now that’s a store I have very mixed feels on.. but hubby needed new winter work to and from boots and they carry a Canadian made brand made in montreal with real leather that is around a 1/3rd of the price if I get the same type at the only other local shoe store.  Hubby did wear the last pair right into the ground, so they really needed to be replaced.  I did not buy a single piece of candy, but I did get one thing out of the Halloween area..  they had spider plants on sale..

I love these plants and have been looking for them for a bit as they are really good air cleaning plants and I wanted to add them to collect of plants in the house to help keep the indoor winter air cleaned.

Gas was at 1.09 a liter or 4.36 a gallon Canadian, weds tend to be the lowest days of the week to fill up the car, so that’s just what I did.

It rained pretty much steady all day long.. that’s day 3 of rain and more rain 🙂

Spending * : 6.29

this was money spent over my standard budget that I would be allowed for my standard week before the No Buy November started.  The rest of the things gotten are all in the critter/farm/work related

*means spending that counts per the challenge rules.

Nov 1st

Woke up to heavy fog but its not raining! It was deep mud to work out there to get the hay hauled out and the hounds were mud up to their elbows but they do love their morning run time, they didn’t much like the mini leg baths quite as much.

Today is a catch up day, all about getting the regular things done, housework and figuring out how to redo the living room as I have brought up the kitty condo tower so that kitten can be trained to go to bed at night. It is just a good idea for house breaking training and it means I can go to sleep knowing she is safe.

Got a lovely card in the mail from a dear friend of mine.. Its so nice when we get personal mail, even a card with a little note can just bring such a lifting of the spirits in our day.

She did a reading for me for the coming new year and pulled the Two of Wands 🙂

I thought I would share with you.. I have to agree, I do feel that I have some choices to make this year that will effect which path forward I will take.

Spending – 0

Nov 2nd

Its Friday and its raining, we have hit the point that the ground can take no more and we are now getting puddles and laying water.. thankfully most of it is being directed down into my rain garden area and collecting there.

I am loving this little tiny cast iron soap dish I got for my birthday, it’s so cute. I am using it for my scrubby for doing dishes. Made us a treat.. puffed wheat squares

Spending – 0

Nov 3rd

Pouring rain, the mud is brutal on the farm today. still got hay delivered and covered up tight, We did a trip to town with just two things on the list, the feed that they did not have earlier this week at the other feed store and something we were not to get till later.. our big xmas present.. the issue was that it went on super sale this week.. it was 500 off regular price

I am big on following the rules on my challenges but I am also frugal! 500 saved is enough to make me get flexable!

This afternoon was taken up with working in the croft and barns, this was needed given that farm work still needed to be done despite the rain but with both hubby and I still having slight colds, it made sense to keep our rain/damp to a limit.   The only thing still liking the rain is the geese and ducks.

Today is a great day to get out the smaller seed starting set up with grow lights and get out the seed sprouting trays for winter..

Nov 4th

Despite knowing that we needed to fall back a hour, we still forgot to change the alarm clock which went off at 6am (instead of 7am), we had company coming and we needed to get all the morning chores done and the extra do it just before folks come..

I made a lovely venison stew with baking powder biscuits and banana bread for dessert..  We had a lovely visit and the kitten kept the Miss K busy, us adults headed outside and got started on building our new strawberry bed. Our big bed got taken out in the main garden with the farm reno’s, some might come back but we had saved about 3 dozen plants and potted them up and they needed to be planted out into a bed to overwinter.


Its totally the wrong time of year to split them out and plant them proper, I will let them dry back fully and then cover with straw cover and in the spring, when the soil is workable, I will split out the plants and properly space them out, they are quite root bound at the moment and its totally the wrong time to be pulling the plants apart..

We had a lovely fire, it was one of the last great weather days.. the yard was so nice and dry as the storm garden did its job really well in regards to collecting the water from five days of rain! I loved finishing the day as the sun went down with a warm coal bank in the fire pit.

The other thing I noticed on Sunday was how fast my fridge got empty..  To a point this should not have surprised me, I was eating of our gardens/yard for as much of oct as possible so we did not buy much in the way of “fresh” and I only got my normal basic’s.

Still, when I did the tidy on Sunday, I went hmm.. the outside gardens are done, forage is done, we are down to Cellar, Pantry, Freezers etc..  While we have fresh eggs coming in daily, we have no dairy coming in..  We have a one sour cream, half a tube of plain yogurt and I have a bit of canned milk in the one jar..

The fridge reflects it, so many jars.. jars of fruit, jars of relish, jars of jam/jelly, jars of canned meat and sauces.

Well, I am getting right chatty on my Nov No Buy Diary, I am going to split this week at least into two posts.. I think it will just be to long to read if I don’t lol

So the poll results are in! Everyone said.. GO to the movie 🙂 but no extras! Thank you everyone that votes or wrote your thoughts!

I just looked up.. its snowing lol.. Itty bitty tiny snow flakes..


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3 Responses to No Buy November 2018- Week One

  1. Good for you for resisting the siren call of discounted Halloween candy! Luck for me, my store has not yet put the remaining candy on sale (because they are weird that way). I am envious of your soap dish.

    • Morning Crafty, I was happy about that myself and yes, it used to be that the Halloween candy went on sale afterwards at heavy discounts but now, they barely put it on sale and if it does not move in a certain time, they just pull it and send it to the discount selling stores rather then discount it better. Its crazy fast how they will pull it to make room for the Christmas stuff.. Thanks, I really like it as well for the soap dish..

  2. Silveryew says:

    I can’t deny I have bought discounted Halloween stuff – mainly chocolate apples for Husband XD

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