No Buy November “The lead up”

Oct 25

It’s a lovely mild day out there today but the wind is bitter, I have been watching load after load of corn go by, the local farmers are running from dawn to dusk. I wonder when they will get to the corn around my own little plot of land.  Worked on getting a Christmas present ready (Flame color changing Pine cones).

I also trimmed and got the Canadian Bacon weighted and prepped and into the fridge for later use.  Made the High Bush Cranberries into juice and pulp today.

Needed to figure out how to make a new recipe using the pulp left over from the High Bush Cranberries.

the chickens will be very happy when they get the seeds.  Did a rice wash on my hair today, I always love how my hair feels afterwards.


Oct 26th

Up early this morning, lots of canning and processing to do today. Processed Elderberry Juice, Made the High Bush Cranberry Pancake Syrup.  Baked off three large deer roasts that will be used in other dishes. Made Bone Broth. Pressure canned 10 pints jars of Sausage meats (half honey garlic/half Italian) and 8 pints of Venison stew.  Cold today -8

Hubby left me a note that said: check your camera and this cute photo was waiting for me 🙂 I love how sweet my farm dogs are with “their cats” The rest of the day will be spent on clean up, house work and regular farm chores, we are having company arrive tomorrow.  Heading in to town tonight to get my last shopping done before we hit the no buy November in full swing.

Nope hubby ended up with enough overtime that he did not get home till quite late, so he stopped at the store to get a few things for the gathering happening tomorrow and a few things for the house

Spending -40

Oct 27th

Its a relaxing day with company coming, Cooking, Canning and a few drinks with a movie to round out the night.  Lets back that up just a touch LOL. The first few hours of the day were spent working around the house, including getting things cooking till the first of the company Miss L arrived around 10am.. we had a great visit and a lovely lunch, we got a bit of outside work done, but then the electric screwdriver quit. So not near as much as we wanted and I will need to get a new one. Our second set of company pulled in around 3pm but she was staying the night, so we had my birthday cake (Pineapple fluff with cherry topping), coffee and presents.

Then Miss L headed home to beat the dark and the coming snow. Miss D stayed over so after a lovely supper of roast pork onions and carrots with mashed and gravy, we got a bit of canning done, I got the High Bush Cranberry Jelly made and the Elderberry Syrup canned up.. At that point we took a break and had a few evening drinks and watched a movie. It was a delightful day other than the equipment breaking.

Cost -0

Oct 28th

Woke up to snow.. it had started late the night before.. still snowing!

Good thing I stuffed the outside rabbit boxes with fresh hay yesterday as extra bedding, they will be all snug in the colder temps in their inner houses. So Miss D gave me a hair cut this morning before she left (saving me at least 40 or more at the hair dressers) and my hair is around 5 inches or so shorter, but still long enough to get in short or high ponytail


I added in a new color to go with the new hair cut 🙂 I like it, very natural looking to me

We need to head to town at a later point today and get my shopping list done while I have the car to do it.. but I think that is an afternoon thing, we will see.  Ended up going while it still snowed in the hopes that it will stop snowing this afternoon.. We will see.

Shopping was busy but we did stick to our list. We needed to get a new electric Screwdriver, which as a direct replacement full price with Tax is pretty much $200. So you can understand why I got really excited when I found an amazing sale on a kit that included extras and the driver I needed on sale for 60 plus tax.. WHOOOT!..  We got two of them!

I got two for one with the all the extra’s in the kit which would be worth another 150 at least if bought by themselves. That means we have three charger, four batteries and we will both have a driver for when we are working on bigger projects and or different spaces. Given it had to be replaced, this was outstanding Sale!

Then we did a bit of Christmas shopping, some farm critter shopping, some cat food and such. Finally we got to the grocery shop, I only got one case of 12 of a canned ham (different version of spam really) for the pantry and the rest was pantry replacement or top ups. I had 50 per week for regular shopping, and I came in just a dollar over.

So I can honestly say that I am coming into No buy Feb without spending more than normal or feeling like I have “added” anything extra to cover etc..

If the snow keeps up this heavy, we will work in the house for the afternoon, really only heading out for chores, it feels like a bundle up with a hot drink and just watch the snow fall day..  Alas there is work that still must be done.

Ah, shoot.. something came in the quiet of the storm and killed one our geese in their outdoor pen, so that means the two left got moved to an inside pen and no more free ranging ducks/chickens until we can figure out what came. once they get a free meal, they will be back..

Oct 29th

Well, its Monday and its -4 today and the morning was fogged in and the afternoon is grey overcast and its lightly raining out there. Damp and cool all day long.

As is normal on Monday its bread making day, I am planning  toast or sandwich loaves’ and one Herb bread that will be more for soups/stews, I will need to bake-off muffins for breakfast and then make a batch of cookies for work lunches.

The oven light burned out since yesterday, I flipped the switch and nothing.. so no warming in the oven this way, so back to the old boiling water trick. Just fill your kettle nice and full and then make yourself a cuppa and pour a quart of boiling water into a jar and carefully with oven mitts place it in the oven next to your proofing bowl.. the heat will spread and warm the oven and the bread will rise.. reuse the water in the dogs bowl or to water plants or into the sink for dishes etc

The bread is super soft and moist today, its lovely but the weather as always does effect it the end result. I just realized that I am out of mozza cheese, I have cheddar and parm and of course I can make cheese but I don’t have a milking animals so that means I will have to make it with dried milk if I want to do so..  as I have already spent my regular funds on the lead up.. I guess I am heading into nov with no mozza in the house..  Given I am planning on pizza for supper this could be interesting!

Oct 30th

Cold, damp and raining for the day.. one still must do chores.. time to start get out the pompom and scarfs.

Hubby got up at his normal time before 5 am and decided that he is affected by his cold enough not safe to drive with a spinning head and after meds crawled back into bed for more rest. otherwise its a putter day. Going to keep it quiet while my guy has a sick day

Time to get out the elderberry syrup to give a helping hand to his immune system and of course I will need to make him hot soup..

So I am posting this run up today as tomorrow the 31st is already booked in as a double post day. I will include it on next weeks week post up, which should be running on weds if I keep to the plan..

So for those that made it to the end.. I have a question for you, what do you want me to talk about in no buy November? Got a question for me? Want me to expand on certain subjects? Want lots of photos in the weekly update?



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9 Responses to No Buy November “The lead up”

  1. Bev says:

    You are having such a busy day. I will let you know on the pine cones. I like all colors, so wondered if I should use 1/4 C. per the four ingredients to get all colors? Or is it 1 C. per color? Doing some checking. Going to try it. I liked your idea on the oven to kill off the bugs, eggs, etc. I checked out some other recipes. They said to soak the cones overnight. My DH thought the ingredients should kill off everything hiding in the cones. Have to go get the cones. Not so cold here. Our rain went north of us.
    Love the color of your hair, looks great!

    • Darn, I lost my first reply, lets try that again.. You need to do each chemical and cones as their own batch, From what I have read, it would not be a good idea to mix them up, some folks do not like to even burn them at the same time but I have never had a issue I just make sure they are not touching if I add a couple cones from each batch in different spots of the fire and had different colors at the same time. I have tried the soak over overnight and I have done the six hours and I have not noticed much difference but I do use a full cup per gallon where other recipes call for half a cup.. Thanks for being willing to share.. I think your hubby is right that if you are going to collect and then use the cones right away.

      I roast the cones because I am just not that fast LOL I use some cones for other craft projects, I make a batch a day and so for me, I do want them cleaned.. If you can hold them outside nice and dry and then make your batches, I think you will have no issues 🙂

      Thanks for liking the hair, its been raining all day today, its just mud and they say its a repeat tomorrow.. cold rain all day!

  2. Bev says:

    Thanks so much for the input. I will do each batch separate. Glad to know. Years back used to make fire starters with waxed sawdust in cupcake papers. That was a fun gift to give. Will let you know how everything come out.

  3. Yuck, winter. I guess it’s coming. Fortunately for us it hasn’t snowed yet, but it is coming. Thanks for the tip about using a jar of hot water to help the bread rise. I can use that!

    • It is coming, steady cold rain today.. its just a mud muck out there and they say its going to rain for day yet.. at least the rain garden pit is taking the water and holding so that good. Welcome on the tip in regards to the hot water, it really does the job in the oven to get that bread to rise 🙂

  4. Oh, oh! Writing this down before I even finish reading… use for HBCranberry pulp – what about recipes you might add other fruit to, like Thanksgiving dressing for instance? Or maybe freeze it and use in Summer Smoothies?

    • Hi Deb, its strong, I had a few folks try it and we all agree, that the juice from the juicer is lighter in taste then the drip kind.. however the pulp.. its very high bush cranberry! WOW.. you would not eat it like jam lol its a add in to give a depth of flavour to dishes or sauces. I made it into a HBcran-Apple Jam… Recipe and post coming.

  5. Widdershins says:

    Loved that photo of you just after your haircut. I said to myself, ‘there’s a woman who’s comfortable in her body and powerful to boot!’ 😀

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