Happy Halloween 2018

Grumpy Winter Black Cat.. what a great pout for Halloween 🙂

I love Halloween but here on the farm. Its just another day and a quiet one at that. We do not get folks to come around in the country, everyone from the country packs up the kids and heads to the local community centers that host parties.  You can drop of gifts, chocolate and such at the center to be shared out.

Its not the same as folks coming up the driveway and asking the little ones about their dressing up, or asking them to sing a song or tell a joke.. I put out my pumpkin and lights for the first couple years here on the farm and never got a single child..

Now sadly, I do not even put out the pumpkin anymore.. but if I was going to do it I would be putting out one of the teal ones and giving out little toys and gifts. I did that often before it was even part of the program now.

Do you have the teal pumpkin program in your area. Teal Pumpkin houses are houses that will be giving out small toys, gifts or other idea’s for the little ones that are safe for everyone to have. I have so many friends now that have little ones with allergies, and I don’t mean, little sniffle allergies, I mean their little ones carry Ep-pens with them all the time to be on the safe side.. On the flip side I also have a good amount of mom’s friends that work so hard to keep food die colors, over load of sugar and processed food out of their home and their children diets.  Sometimes this is not just due to a food choice, it really does effect their little ones when they eat these types of things.

I want all the little kiddo’s to feel they can get dressed up, get out there and have a GREAT! time. I want those that want Candy to get their treats and I want those that can’t have candy to pick out a cool toy or item or to tell the truth I normally always let them do both 🙂

I know that some folks have said..  my kids would be so sad if they didn’t get the candy and I say, you didn’t put your thinking cap on enough.. What little girl does not want to get to pick out a new hair clip with bling or a tiny nail polish bottle or maybe she would prefer to grab a funky pencil topper.  Hit the dollar store and take ten minutes and think like a kid of different ages.. a fun straw! or maybe a cute travel size bottle sparkle glue or colored eggs of slime..

Trust me, we used to give little toys/gift when we lived in the artic and we had kids lined up the steps and out the driveway waiting to get to the door to see what they could pick, we had different bowls for different ages.  We would give the kids a choice.. total of two to pick.. and they could pick two candy, two toys/little gifts or one of each.. I would say that 100 percent left with at least one toy and about 50 percent took the second toy over the candy.  I liked giving them a choice 🙂

What was your favorite treat as a kid when it came to the candy, I am giving away my age now on this one LOL I loved color popcorn balls.. I liked making them, I liked giving them, I liked getting them..

These days you can’t even consider giving away a homemade treat, without assuming that it will be thrown away by the parent for “safety”  I also adored Puff wheat squares…

I look forward to hearing your favorite treat and what you find in your neck of the woods.. its is a homestead thing that we don’t get kids in the country or is it just where I live now? If you have little ones, do you take them to town? for the parties..

I hope everyone local stays safe in this cold wet night..


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8 Responses to Happy Halloween 2018

  1. valbjerke says:

    We don’t get kids out here either……it’s the distance between property’s and no street lights I think….and cold. The community centre down the road does a big haunted house, fireworks, and treats and games, and runs a full concession as well – most people head down there. 🙂

  2. We don’t get any kids here either. I guess no one wants to drive up our twisty turny logging road for a novelty package of smarties – go figure! Most kids will tricker treat in the village and then the fire department hosts a bonfire and fire works on the public beach.

    We had our first snow today and I have to say that the expression on my face was much the same as your cats!

    Happy Halloween.

  3. Pretty sad, isn’t it? When I was a kid, we always got the most amazing homemade treats from the neighbours: fudge, cookies, candy apples and figuring out our costumes was a major undertaking. Never could figure out why those cheap pre-made junk in the stores were so incredibly expensive

  4. It was also a really big deal here until the current gen got “too old” to go out anymore:/ I totally LOVE Hallowe’en. SO many great memories; guess I always will – and yes, kids at the door or not, I still carve a pumpkin (and have goodies at the door: ) Today is All Saints Day, after all, so it’s not just for kids, right?

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