Changes.. Around the Kitchen Table.

We have been working hard this week taking down the older dog runs, While we are leaving up one, the one that is closest to the house for our hounds. However we used to have a number of pens in a row. They have been used for the dogs and other livestock over the years. However with the downsizing on both the size of our house pack and the downsizing of our smaller livestock means that we do not need these pens in that location.

Some of the wood will be re-claimed for other project’s (waste not want not), some of it will be burned and the wire and such will be hauled to the farmers dump. I find it interesting that we have a farm “related” dump in our county.  You are allowed one farm wagon load per year and then you have to start paying but the cost is very fair.

This area was built up with a very thick gravel pad under the pens to create excellent drainage and to provide a no dig area. What this means is that after its all cleaned up and raked down, it will be a perfect new parking spot for our vehicles on the other side of the house. This will be a very good thing 🙂

Speaking of Changes, my regular readers will know my mom moved in with us last fall. I was very excited to have mom come to the farm. Mom decided that she was not ready to live in someone else’s home and that she missed her friends, her doctors and her local knowledge of where everything is. This spring mom moved into her own 2 bedroom apartment in Red Deer back in Alberta.  At this time.. little wee Paris is staying with us and I have to admit that I very much enjoy having the moppet around. She is a excellent lap dog, sweet as they come.

Well, had better lock things down, we have a warning out for a possible thunderstorm and high winds coming in.. it should hit in the next few hours and I just want to make sure everything is prepared as much as possible.


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2 Responses to Changes.. Around the Kitchen Table.

  1. valbjerke says:

    My hubbys mom made it about six months here… wasn’t that she didn’t love the farm food, she did. She liked her stand alone quarters just fine. What she didn’t like, was the fact that our jobs and farm routine left her to her own devices much of the time, and she had zero interest in making new friends or being otherwise social. She expected us to be her sole source of company, entertainment etc. And she did not like that dinner wasn’t at the same time every day and so on. It dawned on me after the fact that it was hubbys dad that had always made the friends and organized the social activities. Ultimately she moved into one of those retirement facilities- had her own apartment, bus service, social events she could attend or not, and three meals a day at exactly the same time. It’s funny – she pushed really hard to come here – but once here had absolutely no interest in joining in with anything farm related. No snapping beans, no canning, no cooking…..and would actually go out and buy her own chicken from the store despite us having a freezer full of chicken.
    Long and short – it simply wasn’t what she thought it would be and ultimately we were all a little saner after she decided to be on her own terms again. 😊

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