Canadian Emergancy Preparedness Week

It’s very strange to me that with so many storms, floods, fires and more that has been happening and is happening right now across Canada that I am hearing nothing about the fact that its our Official Canadian emergency Preparedness Week.

The only thing that has made the news here is that our new to cell phone system that is alert those in need in a small area has failed.

Operators of Canada’s new emergency alert system say they are learning from failed tests earlier this week in Ontario and Quebec, although reports of countrywide tests on Wednesday had mixed results.

Qoute from CBC

The official line is still to be prepared for 72 hours for your family and I am not knocking it. Ok, I am knocking it.. However it would be better if everyone had a min of gear, food/water an such prepared for every house hold.

The truth is that you only need to look across Canada to understand that 3 days is not cutting it..  In the last wind storm, thousands still without out power a week plus and more.

Flooding in the east.. two weeks in and they are just starting to see the waters start to go down.. I listened to a women talking about the fact they were living on the main floor and that the water in the basement was rising.. it finally stopped a mear 2 inches from the main floor.  They said, we are fine, we have our own boat to get out if we need it..

Fire is already a major issue this year.. so many parts of Canada are tinder dry and locally, we have had at least three fires in the past week that got started and ran in grass fires. The counties and city next to mine have full fire bans in place. Out west.. even worse already

Thousands of British Columbians have been forced from their homes by what some officials are calling a once-in-200-years flood.
Swollen rivers in B.C.’s Interior have spilled their banks, leaving valleys dotted with small lakes and changing what is normally the province’s prime ranch country into otherworldly, mirrored paddy fields.

In some places, roads have been washed out and the ground under electricity poles has been so eroded that power lines have come down.

The flooding in B.C. is crazy at this time..

The strange thing is that it has somehow already so fast become the new norm.. Even a few years ago.. if we had these kinds of storms. It would have been all over the news.. now.. now these kinds of events are happening so much that they are footnote.

I am sure they on the news more in their own local area and of course they are truly life altering events for those living though them..  In some case’s there will be no going back, in others it will be years of work to get there.

Hubby asked me something last week.. Are we planning for a wet year, a drought year, or a normal year.. I just looked at him and said.. all of the above..  It was a true answer, I am planting, planning and working with the goals in mind that any and all of the above will be coming.  With the new weather patterns and the more extreme storms and weather events, when it comes to farming and gardening its a guessing game at the moment. Even more so then typically.

For more information, Do check out this older post of mine.

And for those with farm’s and live stock, I took a course on this very subject a number of years ago on how to plan for your farm and critters.

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  1. Widdershins says:

    A late spring warm-up, snow in the higher elevations up until a couple of weeks ago, and a dry warm/hot spell in the immediate forecast is bring the snow-melt down in record times and amounts in all the ranges from Alberta to the coast. Precarious times.

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