De-clutter, time to pull it together!

I feel like my farm and house have been a crisis mode for over a year now.. I have so many totes of things packed away that I can’t find half the stuff when I want it.. and some of the time when I do find it.. its been water, bug or mice damaged.. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Between packing things away for reno’s, to mom moving in and at least for now, moving back to alberta, to winter Snow Storms, Winter Wind storms, Winter Ice storms to the last massive Spring Ice storm to the kickin 124 km at its highest gusting Spring Wind storm.. to power outages and flooded cellar.

I have used more of my storm preps in the past six months then I have in the past 14 years!  The biggest issue has been tracking down more them my basic’s. It was fine, we had everything we needed in terms of the basics.. Water Storage, Heating, Cooking, Lots of canned food, warm clothes, bedding and the list goes on.

But Every single time, more time then I want to even admit, I went.. I have this.. and this and this for this storm, or this event and where is it.. O we dug though totes and found gear, don’t get me wrong.. I figured out in a freezing rain storm, we can change our wet gear four times over while drying out the others..

HOWEVER.. I still have some gear that is just missing in LALA land.. what tote or what storage area its in is anyone’s guess. This is not ok! This is really! not ok!

Every single day since the last storm, I have given over an hour to working this issue.. clearing, checking, sorting.. removing, repairing, cleaning at least one spot, tote, shelf etc.

I have always lived in a home that most people would never be able to find 80 percent of the things they are looking for without asking me (caz my logic is out there) but normally, you ask me and I can get you to the item in question within a few feet or a layer up or down.

I want my storage, prep work and kits mojo back!

Nope, let me say that in a different way!

I am taking my storage, prep work, Pantry and Prepping kits back!

Have a good day..

Ps, so far this month, I have purged 93 items, some garbage, most will go to the second hand shop for another chance at finding a home. I am leaning down to create room for what is coming.


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  1. Best advise I can give is what I did when we moved house and that’s to be sure to mark all totes or boxes with a system that works for you – perhaps a couple of the THE most important contents in each box or numbers, whatever – and then make lists – yes, on your phone will work for ease of adjustment later – but definitely also written down on paper – of what things are in which box, when it was last checked or used, etc (and you can always find stuff when you need it; )

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