Great Week Indeed

The walking onions are just starting to poke up out of the ground, I have a few patches of them that need to be thinner out and replanted out into a new area.. that is something that always makes me smile when I see that.. you can never have to many onions on the farm

So many big and some smaller new from last year Comfrey plants starting to show themselves. Most of them will be used for fodder (livestock feed to the sheep and goats, and a smaller amount to the rabbits and the chickens) with the rest of the extra being used in the garden or the food forest as a cut and drop feed.

I need to split out and replant a number of my horseradish plants, these are not used for the roots but for the greens for fresh and cooked eating. One of the easiest greens to grow in the gardens and they make outstanding dried greens for the kitchen as well

Not much nettle growth yet but they are there and starting but many of them are only a inch or two at this point, a few might be three inches but lots of growth to go on them before I will be able to start even smaller harvest amounts. I always find it interesting that some of the nettles come up purple in the spring and others come up green

This week has been a good one, I have had visits with friends, have had laughs and more, I have worked on this and that on the house and in the yards.. I am working on the basic plan of keep up on the chores, keep up on the basic’s in the house and then find a way to do 15 to 30 min each day to do extra farm-yard work,  garden work and extra more in-depth house work.

I am very pleased with the work that got done, we are under a ice storm warning, we had a amazing day, this afternoon was sunny and I put in a couple hours of extra chores it was plus 9, that is the about as nice as we have had. It is to start raining today, which is to turn to snow and then we are under a ice storm warning for late Saturday and all day sunday and into Monday.

And then they say it will change to rain and that its going to really! rain so we will see how it all goes. I have lots of work to do in the house so as long as we do not lose power, it will be a productive weekend.

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5 Responses to Great Week Indeed

  1. Widdershins says:

    I think it’s raining from one end of Canada to the other!. 🙂 No matter what though, our plants will respond to the days getting longer, bless’em. 😀

    • So very true, a friend posted that Edmonton is breaking records on winter lasting this long with the cold and snow.. I think that we will find that the weather is quite flexable at the moment.. The plants just keep on 🙂

  2. I’m just REALLY glad that the frost has gone out of the ground (well, the top few inches at least) before this freezing rain/sleet/ice pellet thing got started… (It was right around 10:00, if you’re wondering; ) Wind is up and howling like a Banshee. This will be very bad if we get much ice accumulation. Happily, it seems a balance of pellets and rain, right now. Wish us luck! Sounds like you’re going to get more snow than anything else? At least for today… Take care!

    • Hi Deb, just in from laying in more hay to the big barn, had to move the big Goat Buck Jack today and he nailed me but good with his back hoofs when I lifted him.. o well, at least the job is done but man I am really noticing the lack of my big guy in so many ways. Thanks for the news about when it hit you.. we are looking like we might get lucky but we are in the cross over line pretty much in most of the models and they are still not sure where it will shift and hit etc. So we will just have to ride this one out and see what happens. Good luck.. I would prefer snow to ice storm any day!

  3. Yes, me too. Mostly piling up as ice pellets so far. Hope it stays that way; )

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