The Sun came out -Bojangles

The boys are steady and lovely.. they poke their heads around the big barn when they hear us in the main yard and if they think there is even a chance we will be heading pasture way, they are up at the main gate, even if its just for a hello, pat and scratch on favorite spots.

Caleb has been getting his feet cleaned x amount of times and he has it all figured out.. come out, get them done, get a cookie per foot.. good deal.

Bojangles does not need his done as much but he waits nicely for his and so its part of his routine right now as well.. they both get some grooming when the evening fresh hay goes out.

And that’s been pretty much it for the past while with Reno mode in full swing, I had Farm Helper #3 ask if she  could come riding this week and so Bojangles got a nice ride-workout this week. He has been riding out with Caleb and playing follow the leader and he is gold at it.

But he was ridden out alone and he was not quite as happy about it, he settled and it was all good and it ended on the high note etc. It made me realize that I had been slacking on ground work with the boys. Caleb has had enough ground hours put into him that he is very steady as it goes with me even if off for a while.

Bo has been such a good boy when he is following caleb that I didn’t realize that he needed to be pulled out and worked with a bit more on his own.  Today we worked our half day reno Friday and while my homework list is long enough (reno related) over the long weekend, I am planning lots in the garden, canning, some butchering and in general being a home body and does that not sound wonderful! Maybe even hit the river and do a touch of fishing..

After lunch was done and the hounds given their run, I grabbed the gear needed and went out an Bojangles and I did 45 min of ground work.  I love this horse so much, he is such a good boy! I am just in love with my wonderful herd of two good old boy’s!

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4 Responses to The Sun came out -Bojangles

  1. Widdershins says:

    I’d say the love is mutual. 😀

  2. J > They’re fine looking horses – very muscular. But muscles need working, don’t they just!

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