Fire’s and Farm Sales..

After chores where done yesterday. It was time for a fire and a wee drink of some fine sherry after it was done we switched to coffee for the rest of the evening. It was truly a fall evening. It had reached 20’s during the day but it is not cooling off majorly in the evenings, only getting to plus 8c last night.

We had sat and relaxed by the fire as the evening darkened, the coy-wolf pack started talking right across the road, three adults and a couple very excited young ones from this year. We took the time to make sure that the flock was safely in the barn, as we had lost a lamb this past week but tracks appear to show that it was a bobcat that time, not the coy-wolf pack. The camera’s are up and hopefully we will get some night shots on what is checking out the barn area for sure. Regardless the flock is getting tucked into the barn at night.

The stars came out, the moon sliver was hiding behind the tree’s and the coals where lovely and in need of roasting marshmallows over 🙂

Today after a bit of time on the farm and morning chores, we headed off to a local farm sale and I was after these amazing stacking bins for holding garden produce in the cellar

Ten of them in total, so well built and just perfect to meet the needs of expanding the space for holding squashes and so forth in the house over the winter..

Farm sales are a hurry up and wait type thing, I found so many fun things that I would have loved to have added this or that or at least bid on it.. but given that my mom is coming with her household, it made little sense to do so..

I had also hoped that maybe one of the shotguns that was for sale would go for a good second hand price but all of them went right past my top price I was willing to pay, the gentleman who got them all thought they got a good deal on them, I figure if they hit the same price as a current new one, then its not such a great price but I expect from what I could see that some of them where collectors an they were older rifles. Some of the others were even black powder ones..

What I did come home with was three new rain barrels.. each one holding 55 gallons of water or use for grain-feed etc. Did I ever get a good deal on them. If you buy a new rain barrel (food rated) at the store, its 80 and up. If you buy them second hand in the city, they are around 50..

I got each of mine for 3 dollars.. grand total 9 dollars, with tax 10.20 Outstanding!

The rest of the day is evening chores and some garden puttering and maybe a second primer painting on the upstairs hallway and then maybe another fire, just because I can and its so delightful.

Hope you all had a productive and also taken time for yourself over the start of the weekend!


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7 Responses to Fire’s and Farm Sales..

  1. What a difference a year makes…

  2. Bill says:

    Sorry about your lamb. Coyotes have been terrible here this year. Had to start putting our kids up in the barn at night too. I’m a sucker for those farm sales, but they are certainly a way to find great bargains. Here there always seem to be lots of bidders on guns, but on things like those barrels it’s usually possible to get a great deal. 🙂

    • Hi Bill, it was a loss for sure, one of my biggest ram lambs. Its just going to be a fact of life at the moment that the sheep will need to locked up in the barn overnight till butcher time and even then if they are running this close, the adults will need to be as well. I love my farm sales, I had to laugh at the auction gent, he was like.. Hey, how are you, its my canning gal (she buys all the jars lol) and then he looks up and says, why are you not home canning right now.. me.. Caz I wanted to come to the sale.. yes, it was a great deal on the barrels for sure. Rifles can be all over the place at the sales, if there is only one or two, they can go cheap or high depending on how many folks there have their paperwork or not. Because these were Black Powder and old enough, they were in the “no paperwork” needed

  3. Cricket says:

    Did you end up getting the stacking storage boxes? From what I can see in the picture, they look perfect for storing squash and the like. It’s often remarked on in my household how having a fire is one of the things we miss most now that we’re off the farm and in an apartment. That and composting! Have a marshmallow or two for me, won’t you? 🙂

  4. J > Black powder guns? Now that’s a hurry-up-and-wait kind of hunting party! Some folks do get carried away at auctions, don’t they! Ebay too.

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