The Reno’s are on the go..

There is so much in this photo that I love, I know its not perfect but o my.. so as you can see the shelves are coming along, the lovely pine wood has been picked, the drywall and first mudding is up on most of them, the glass has been ordered, the foyer has the glass pine door in (and let me tell you that was a afternoon of AHH! because the 2 by 4 warped and so it was a lot more work then you would think to hang that door but both the inside an the outside foyer walls are on second mudding and the ceiling is ready for me to prime paint 🙂 the new subfloor is installed and waiting to be tiled.

Then on this side the built in counter is in place as it the new flooring under it, and I was able to save my awesome wooden doors from a different project.. it will be a four door counter, two matching wide and long and then the two you see already. It will hold all my big canning pots and so forth 🙂 No more up and down the stairs to the cellar. The top will be tiled to match the floor and you can see the two tiles, it will be a turned pattern. so I will have a huge new counter to work with as well as all that amazing extra storage.

So this is the other half of dining room, so the back wall of the foyer and the new walls around, the little wall on the left is the front wall of the new pantry, you can see the new flooring that will go in it as well. The freezer will be put on rollers and moved into the pantry area and then shelves will be built on both sides to the roof and above it as well for lighter items and then there will be sliding doors in front of it.  the ceil is on final touch-ups and then I will prime painting it and then final paint 🙂

Half the walls are on second coat and a few are still on single coat but soon enough (next week ideally) we will have the painting done and then we just need to finish the floor in there and that room will be done.. someone is coming to put in the new thermal window panel which is the only thing that window needed for fixing.

We have also been working on the deck and its a good thing that we got enough done for the new fridge-freezer combo to be delivered and the still newish (but not working well older fridge to be taken away) Its bigger then my other one was and I know that it will be a good thing to have the smaller freezer in the bottom as well.


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2 Responses to The Reno’s are on the go..

  1. J & D > We’ve been thinking about you just this afternoon, so good to see what’s keeping you busy! Renovation work is hard going – and all-consuming, because we all just want it done.

    • Thanks for thinking of me, Its been so busy better the gardens, farm and the reno’s plus some private hires to teach canning and so forth, I am booked 🙂 I do miss my blog though, I miss the writing and the photo taking and just that creative zen break I get working on it.

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