This and That Post.

Hello Folks.. Way to long since I have had time to sit in front of this computer and connect with my readers. This is a this and that post, I will put a hour each day this coming week booked to get my last months reports out for the canning, gardening, and farm updates and report, I am not going to try and catch up the other days  but those other three days post are on the MUST DO LIST.

So Where do I start.. my mother has sold her rental house and she now has her home up for sale at this time, just going on the market and already has viewing this week, so I expect that it will not be on for long.. its a outstanding home.

This means that we have started on the reno’s in our house and it has exploded, as can often happen in older homes, you start with this plan and then suddenly you figure out that you need to pull this and that out, and then suddenly you need this repaired and or redone because while it’s open, lets get the professional’s in and get this up to code (yes, I am grateful that in many cases things are grandfathered in) but I figure if you get the chance and choice to upgrade, upgrade but it all add’s time and effort an cost because many of the upgrades need a contractor to make it happen etc.

So my main contractor is a amazing gal and the deal we made was that I would be the helper, the gopher, the worker.. so while I say that I have a contractor and I do, I am working full time beside her and under her teaching and guiding hand.

It turns out that running the farm, sort of keeping my house clean, everyone feed and adding in 6to 10 hours a day hands on work means that I am falling into bed when my day is done.. I get up, do chores, just get the house stuff done and my reno work day starts at 8, which means my blog post writing time with a coffee normally done around 8 to 9 am is not happening!

I had thought that I would try and write in evening but I have a few times just looked at the screen, so tired and no writing mojo..

I had this weekend off! but I also had my yearly Romance Readers and Writer Con and I had said to both a dear friend and my hubby, I think I will just hide in my room for a whole day and do nothing  but get caught up on writing and blog and so forth and I got a strong round of NO!! this is to be break.. so hubby asked that I leave the computer at home which is what I did.. no camera, no computer, just the cell phone

I got home yesterday and was so tired, hubby said go to bed and I slept from early sunday afternoon till the alarm went off this morning.. ok then, I might have needed some sleep LOL

I have today off the Reno job and I am working today on two main things.. one getting this blog post out for you all and working on my coming homesteading Convention this coming Saturday Aug 12th.

I sat today and took papers and pages and gathered this and that and started making the final lists, the project items for each one, and then started doing the bullet points for each talk.. thankfully it is all there in my head and in my gear but I need to tighten it up.

I feel like my hubby in a way, when he became a professional writer, it greatly improved his ability to write at work.. the different presentation I have done this year means that as I am coming into preparing for these talks, I am able to tighten up certain parts and that I am doing certain parts talking out loud to get a feel for how long will that take time wise..  and so forth.

The reno job starts back up Tues-friday but we are calling it a early day on Friday so that I can switch mental gears for the homestead event day.

Now added in there is that the farm is thriving, babies are growing, sheep are being sheered, new litter of rabbit kits are being born and the gardens are in full production and so food production happens daily..

Example.. help on the reno day but in a lull, I was snapping beans tip and tail for processing later in the day..  so even when I get a small catch your breath, it heading into picking beans or rashberries or pea’s .. you get the idea 🙂

I am also trying to keep up on the herbs that need drying as they come into their peek times.. I am keeping my head above water.. and man so much is getting done.. I just have to figure out how to find time to share it with you all

Ps, for those kind enough to send me a note or email to check up on me.. HUGS! you are so sweet and I am grateful..

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8 Responses to This and That Post.

  1. grammomsblog says:

    Thanks for taking the time to keep us up to date! I really appreciate it!

  2. Cricket says:

    Wow and whew! It’s awesome when so much is getting accomplished. Still can’t wrap my brain around how you do get it all done. 🙂 I was just saying to my daughter I had been missing your posts so I appreciate the update. Glad to know all is well!

  3. Widdershins says:

    Figured you were busy … but phew! that’s really busy. Glad you had a bit of a sleep catch-up. 😀

  4. J > I’ve just finished podding peas for the freezer, and as I do a job like that my mind wanders, and amongst my wanderings I was thinking about you: haven’t heard from you for a while and wondering if something had happened … But now I see you’re just like D and I, summer-busy – except busier still. It is so lovely that you’ve wanted to do this post for us your readers.

  5. D > Glad you got some time away and a break from things. Sometimes it’s difficult to do that, but often that’s when it’s most needed! Lovely to see all those jars. You are superwoman, but you don’t need to be it for us, just for yourself and that good hubby of yours.

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