June Farm Overview- Tracking Year Stats

Ok, I am wanting to track this down for this coming year..  June has been a good month, some heat, good amount of rain and lots of growth in the pasture, yard and gardens are all sprouting up.


June is the half way point of the year and we are starting to move into the good.. we are continuing to watch the weather, watch the rains and watch our wet fields.. still no hay had come off.. we need four to five days of heat and dry.. everyone within two hours up and down the Ottawa valley on the farms have a concerned eye on the fields.. I have heard that a number of farmers are calling it an will be using their insurance as they have been unable to get their fields planted..   Here on the farm.. we are doing very well on a number of things but the heat lovers are slower to start putting on their growth.

We have had recorded breaking rain, hail, winds and we are 12 to 14 degree’s cooler then average.

Costs for June 2017


Feed- $86.00

Straw- 8

Farm Output- Personal use only but local costs to replace if bought off the farm

  • Eggs: 7 dozen  at 5 per dozen as eating eggs- $35 dollars

    Manure: Finished composting down.. at least 140 dollars worth of compost produced this month.-  140

  • Bullwinkle – (340 pounds total return in all ways)- 2,870
  • 40 new rabbit kits- ( do not know how to figure them in, will do them at butcher time)
  • 2 Yearling Sheep- 46 (ten per pound 460) an 42 (420) plus dog food, meaty bones etc.

Farm loss’s in Feb

  • My smallest lamb was taken by the coy-wolf.. loss -200 (at that age)

Farm extra’s Costs

  • None this month.

Farm extra’s..

Ferrier – 150 (trims and Caleb shoes) – Both horse’s feet are looking great and Caleb is off the pain meds and has full movement again with his front shoes.
Vet- none this month!


Garden Overview June

Total Garden Costs -$ 0

Total Garden Return – $1,085

Total Out cost for June on for the farm -$ 194.00 output cash costs

Farm impute Value –

Total output of the farm in returns

  • Jan – In the hole –1,029
  • Feb – In the Hole –1,429
  • March-On the good side -$ 1,038
  • April -On the good side -$279
  • May -On the good side- 487.00
  • June-On the good side-5,010

Yearly total as of the six month mark in June-4,356 on the good side *

  • Most of my lamb’s are reserved at this time for fall butcher..

June was a good month in a number of way to the numbers!

Goals- No selling of anything off the farm is planned, the saving costs are what we would have to pay if we bought in the local free market to replace what the farm produces that improves our lives.

Its a tracking year..

and also I have had and seen a number of comments many times of folks saying, my 5 acres and under homestead needs to pay for itself.. well, I like to think mine does, I like to think that a well-run homestead can do just that! So lets see if I am right or not?

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2 Responses to June Farm Overview- Tracking Year Stats

  1. teslanomaly says:

    The detail in these calculations is amazing. I’m nowhere near a place in my life where I could run a small farm, but in the back of my head I am always taking notes. Thanks as always for sharing!

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