Bullwinkle Cost Breakdowns and Return rate.

Total returns on BullWinkle

340 pds out of a approx. live weight of between 600 to 700 pounds

228 pounds of prime cuts, steaks, roasts and stew meat- Averaged it out to ten** – 2, 280

118 pounds in organs, meaty bones and dog food trim- Local average rate of 5 dollars a pound -590

** I looked at all four local flyers and the burger is sitting right around 6 per pound, the stew is at 8 to 9 depending on the store and all steaks, roasts and so forth are at 10.99 or higher.. ouch.. how are people affording beef these days?

**** http://grazingdays.ca/grass-fed-beef/buy-our-beef/

I then went to a few sites to get a feel for the local farmers market prices and or CSA shares. The one linked above is pretty standard.. at least 10 dollars per pound, and that is 50% burger and two pounds of steaks and one 2 to 3 pound roast per ten pounds, for a total of 8 box’s or 80 pounds for 900.

So I have decided to price mine at 10, which still brings me under what it should be as I have no burger, just steaks, roasts and stew in this amount.

Bullwinkle came in around 680 give or take on the weight tape, which can go 12 pounds either way. It cost me 2.93 cents to buy, raise and process him per pound. That is a massive savings and in truth puts me pretty much in line with the cost of my other calves I have raised and Its the home butcher and kept it in line with the rest.

Marty Costs

The last time we brought home beef it was a full grown cow and she gave us a lot of beef! Glenda costs were a touch under Marty’s Costs as well..

Bullwinkle -$200.00 **
Milk replacer-$120
Baking Soda- $2
Butcher fee’s -(home butcher – 26 for a roll of wrapping paper and 1.99 for my freezer tape)

Total costs -997.99

** I bought Bullwinkle as a just coming one week old calf, he was very well started on his milk and baby ration and he was always a good eater.

So total “replacement Value at local market prices would approx. 2.870

We put out cash wise 998 ( I rounded up)

So We are in the good on Bullwinkle by 1872

which means we averaged out at 2.93 per pound, this is outstanding return value for our hard work an so worth ir.

I will hold off getting a new week old calf till next spring and I will see what the year brings but I am hoping to be able to buy and put up extra small square bales of hay to have extra tucked away so I have a bit more cushion if needed.


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