why i got a cell phone-finally

Hi Folks, I have been a hold out.. but this week in dec of 2016, I broke down and got a cell phone an plan, I know have phone and texting..

There is a part of me that is going… NO!!!

but there were solid reasoning behind sinking money into a monthly plan, only time will tell if I made the right choice.. or if I will live to regret it.

  • the top reason I got the phone, hubby will be traveling regular for days at a time monthly for the next x years.. its changeable and flexible on when those days are.. but bottom line, I think for safety on the farm, being able to reach out for help no matter where I am at.. good idea!
  • hubby really likes the idea of me having it when I am riding alone and as I intend to ride a lot in 2017, this is a fair request
  • I am already booked for a few speaking events for 2017 and it’s just safer to have a phone when traveling because good luck finding a pay phone these days
  • a dear friend is very hard to get on the phone but can be got on text and I miss her lol
  • my niece loves to text and I want to be part of that world..

yup.. that’s purdy much why I stepped into the world of a phone in my pocket..


Any last hold outs? Anyone else given in lately..Β  i am sure it will be used to keep in touch but truly what tipped the scale was the safety of being able to text or call out for help if something happened on the farm and i was alone for x days.. the dogs are amazing protectors but not in the same way as the phone will be

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9 Responses to why i got a cell phone-finally

  1. valbjerke says:

    My husband doesn’t have one and has no intentions of getting one – zero interest. I’ve had one for years, I use it for banking, most of my internet use, keeping in touch with my family by text (works well for us), and of course should I be traveling. Oh yes – reading and responding to blogs 😊 Worth the expense for me anyway.

  2. Kathleen Scott says:

    It will be a love hate relationship. I hate it when I am doing chores and have to stop, take of my gloves get out my glasses, get my phone out, read and reply, I no sooner get working again and they’re sending me another message. On the other hand had a scare when I realized I had left my phone in the house. It was a hot day in August and I was throwing down bales of hay when one bounced under the ladder knocking it part way down the wall. I had no way of getting out, we had no stairs.. Luckily I could just reach it by laying on my stomach and pulling it back up. Of course hubby was out of town so who knows how long I could have been trapped.

    • Ya, I have had a few of those scares as well and normally I can go, well hubby will be home in x but with him starting to travel a touch more now for work.. I want that safety factor, and I hear ya, it was ringing in my pocket while I was working with the horse.. I can see already that I will not be answering it or read it until I want to, not when it rings or beeps.

  3. Karen says:

    I do have a cell phone that I carry with me only for emergency purposes. It is turned on only when I’m doing something on my farm that might put me in need of rescuing (moving the rams, tractor breakdown while doing field work, etc.) or when I’m traveling. I haven’t given out my cell phone number so that when it is on I don’t get calls when I’m not able to answer or don’t have time to talk.

  4. Widdershins says:

    I use mine for a few phone calls, mostly texting, and taking pictures. Not interested in the bells-and-whistles. πŸ˜€

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