Sophia aka Sofie

There is a story behind the kitten, but its the blog so we are not going into to much detail.. raised a house kitten, then rehomed to a farm to be a barn kitten, really wants to be a house kitten.. winter coming.. not adjusting and can you please help..

Ok, then..  so meet Sophia aka Sofie, a Short Hair very plush coated Blue Tortie female kitten around 12 to 16 weeks give or take. I am not saying that she is staying for sure on the farm.. or if she will be found a new home but she sure is settling in like she is planning on making it home.


What matters is that she is safe, warm and with a full tummy, she is a hoot and I have to admit that her outgoing loving temperament is winning both myself and hubby over, as I write this, she is has come over, purred, snuggled and is now napping on my left arm..


Now say it with me folks.. NO more kittens or drop off cats on the farm.. Enough! no more..

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