Sweet Potato Slips..

So these Sweet Potato’s were harvested in the fall of 2014 and I did the recommended high heat cure and then I put them into storage, not all of course, we eat lots of them, but I put the right size in good shape for slipping and I watched and waited.  I had read that they could last two years in storage and I would have to agree..

However this fall, the temps hit the right point that they decided to start buds which of course is how you get sweet potato slips.. now the timing kinda sucked as its fall in a cool house but I was not going to waste these..

So into the water they went..


A few weeks later an some are still in holding form, some are really starting now and the Georgia Jets are rocking it..  both in bottom root growth for the sweet itself and for the green growths.


It will not be that long before I will take the biggest of these slips and start water rooting them, and then after they have tons of roots, I will pot them up to go under my grow lights for the winter..  now these would clearly outgrow my space quickly so I intend to snip and add fresh sweet potato greens to the winter menu and then I will water root nice big slips off in the spring and get them ready for spring planting out after the last danger of frost is past..


This one interests me, it not a pretty sweet  but man, its put out so many buds and its starting to root nicely in the water (I raised the water level into its area) and its starting to get some leaves now..  the purple is growing very differently then the orange one above..

Did you pot up and bring in some sweet vines,  will you be overwintering any? Have you had yours stay for two plus years in storage as well?

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2 Responses to Sweet Potato Slips..

  1. Marie says:

    You can eat the plant? Not just the spuds? I thought potatoes leaves weren’t edible.

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