Winter is here..

We spent the weekend prepping for what we knew was coming! Snow..


The hoop area is prepped an ready to the plastic in feb to start winter sowing and then early spring greens, compost added, ash added, , cleaned up, and double dug.


Area’s around the gardens that needed to be bedded down for winter, done an done..


Some of the last of the, when did I plant that there things came in from gardens, in this case big turnips


Horseradish are dug up from the extra area’s they are not to be in anyway, but you know what they are like.. they love to spread.. some are tiny and thin for just a scrub and fresh cooking and some are nice and thick for peel and homemade horse radish to be canned up for winter use.


More meat canned up, More Jerky made!



Running all 8 trays for sprouting now, so we have a tray a day to use, sometimes I just eat mine as is, fresh and green and yummy, sometimes its in soup or in a sandwich but its good as a salad as well..


Super easy, fresh green sprouts, diced celery and carrots and a bit of dressing..


Caleb is settling down to being the only horse and is closer then ever with his sheep.. he loves to photo bomb me when he can.


Sunny cat says, I don’t care that it snowed, I am still going to follow you around and support you while you do chores.. the purr pride of 2016 were quite in shock to meet snow for the first time LOL

The hounds had fun playing in it.. and I moved from the wheel barrel to the sled today.. Hubby just pulled in, so my writing time is done.. supper needs to be served!


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1 Response to Winter is here..

  1. Widdershins says:

    Oh my, Caleb … what a big nostril you have! 😀

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